Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fall Fashion Finds

Here are seven things I'm loving for Fall.

1. bebe's smocked ruffle jacket.  As soon as I saw this picture of Charlize Theron I fell in love with the idea of my own ruffled "leather" jacket.  I was in White House Black Market last Spring and there was a woman complaining to her husband how she hated all the ruffles she was seeing. I think her quote was, "There are ruffles everywhere you look. I mean, who wants to wear THAT?" I smiled to myself and thought, "Me. I do!" The ruffle is as strong as ever.

2. A Pewter handbag in a decent price range. Francesca's continues to be a favorite spot of mine for accessories.

3. A black and white tunic for $14.99!  Add some pearls and chains and it's Coco Chanel, dahling.  Admittedly, I will have to buy an extra large at this store. (SW, you know what I'm sayin'!)

4. Because pearls and chains can be expensive if you already have a string of pearls (real or imitation) just add these chains to create that look. Now that's inexpensive!

5. Loving this black cardigan jacket from the Limited.  I love a structured jacket and this is slightly more casual...not as casual as a cardi and not as formal as a jacket. You get the idea. Add a brooch, flower, or scarf. Whatever is you. And yes, this is one of two black jackets I have on the list...can you have enough black? :)

6. My favorite jeans. Silver jeans are my favorite. And this is their mid-rise version for those of us who appreciate keeping our muffin from topping.

7. Because I don't feel that orange is a complimentary color for my face, I don't wear it. But in the Fall, I crave it. I yearn to see other people wear it. I am loving this henley in "heather agate".  It screams Autumn. Jealous...way jealous of you if you were blessed with the complexion that is enhanced by this color.

I am anxious to hear what you are finding to love about fashion this Fall. I have a feeling I may find some more things to love. It won't be long...


  1. kimberlee, if you have to wear an xl at forever 21 i will never be able to shop there... even after all this weight is off! man!

  2. I love colors! Love them! (I'm a silk-painter.)
    But I wear black almost all of the time. My mother used to bitch at me about that, even as a kid.
    Now wearing black is good, because I can wear my colorful scarves to accessorize.
    But orange - no way!! That's my least favorite color. Your silver jeans sound awesome though!!
    Thanks for such a fun blog!

  3. You can never have enough classic black - my momma taught me that one!!

  4. Fall - is it really coming?
    Thanks for the all the fall finds - fun stuff to think about. I've been contemplating trying to pull off the pearls and chains...

  5. i need to go shopping with you...i am fashion impaired. it's a serious disorder.


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