Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sleepless Thoughts...

Last night I was awake for a long time. Hours. This is what I remember thinking about:

1. Coffee. I had an incredible urge to get up and make coffee at 2:30. I got up and made a cup of hot water instead for fear that I wouldn't be able to go back to sleep again. How old am I?
2. Ella will not have a bathroom in her classroom this year. Will she remember to tell the teacher in time before having to walk down that long hallway? Or worse, will she remember that the bathroom is down that long hallway and try to get out of class every day by walking very slowly and taking a very long time to wash her hands, and then never really take care of what she was suppose to do there?
3. I hated math in school. It made my stomach hurt. I am so glad that I don't have to go to a math class this fall. (I thought about this way too long, and it made my stomach hurt.)
4. I should take a Spanish class, a pie baking class, a French class, a guitar class and a swim class.
5. Rachel and Leah and Jacob. What a mess. Jacob---so not a favorite Bible person to me right now.
6. Donuts.
7. My shoulders hurt from yoga. 
8. I need to change my workout.
9. Oblivious and obvious are very similar words that are completely different. I wonder where the words originate? I wonder if it's obvious and I am oblivious to it's obviousness?
10. Puppies. I want one, or two.

Is anyone else having sleepless nights? What are you thinking about?


  1. Oh, feel like i could take any of these thoughts and run with them....if that meant i was having a conversation with you!!:)

    Started reading through the Bible a couple months ago...i hear ya on the Rachel, Leah, and Jacob thing.

    Have to admit...we really are enjoying our puppy. I say go for it!:)

    Thoughts on Ella...well let's just say my heart swells with love when you speak of your girls!

    Alright...i've got to get myself under control. I know nobody else is interested in this "two way" conversation.

    Missing you...can you tell!?!?! Love ya!

  2. I'm sleeping great these days but some of these do get me thinking...
    But the one that I can't get past is the no bathroom in the classroom. Oh boy, how is that going to go for my first grader? He tends to go more than most.

  3. I get up quite often these days to use the bathroom, so I often have sleepless nights and will for sure be having lots of sleepless nights after Tuesday (but so worth it)!!!
    The donuts got to me....I was just thinking about getting Druber's before we go to the hospital on Tuesday....will be leaving early just to get some...yummy!!!

  4. I want you to have a puppy. I am not sure why I want that so much, but I really do. a LOT. can't wait to meet him/her/them.

  5. So there with you on the math thing. Still have nightmares about not having homework done! Unfortunatly we have kids in school which means that we once again deal with math homework. Every night. Just wait. Sigh.

  6. Love this post . . . my brain is so similiar . .. . all over the place. HA! Lately I'm thinking about things like , "Will the twins WANT to go to school after they realize they have to go everyday? - Will they hit each other if they get mad at school? Do you get in as much trouble at school for hitting if it's your brother you hit? - Will Tatum cry out of boredom by 9;30 every morning? - Should I paint my kitchen? "

  7. i'm still up.....does that count.

    wish i had a donut.
    so glad i may never have math again. ever.
    but spanish? no thanks either. that was as bad as math.


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