Wednesday, August 18, 2010

First Day of School

First, an apology goes out to Grandma and Nana. I am so sorry I have not posted these pictures earlier than this instant. I had to take a nap this afternoon after hosting the Back To School Coffee (pics tomorrow) and that nap turned into two hours for me. Talia slept three hours, and I will pay for that later I'm sure, but at least I'll have the energy to deal.

 Ella was ecstatic to visit Mrs. Linnens' classroom yesterday. We did a practice run to be ready for today.

This morning when Bruce, Talia and I walked into the classroom with Ella, Mrs. Linnen's greeted her with so much fanfare I felt like I wanted to stay and be a first grader. And every student was treated that way.

I love Mrs. Linnen's already. I just wonder how long it's going to take me to stop thinking, "Mrs. Linens and Things." Ha. Like she's never heard that one before. I'm putting more stock into this Linnen's than anyone should've put into Linens and Things.


  1. what a pretty little first grader!

  2. I love that Ella has such a fabulous teacher! If every student in the world was greated with such fanfare from their teachers, maybe kids would start their year on a better foot! Yay for 1st grade!!! We are so proud of you, Ella!

  3. I love the legs crossed! Mrs. Linnens is good but I am sure Ella will be the best student! Love, Janice

  4. Love the backpack pic cause it's ALL about the backpack. We make sure to have a good pic of that every year. You mentioned the labeling crayons, Kim it is insane. She wanted every pencil, crayon, marker, colored pencil labeled individually. She stressed that over and over again at a before school meeting. Have you ever heard of sharing?? Whatever. I obeyed and did it all x2. Then I told the boys if you accidentally don't get the blue/green crayon with YOUR name on it, it's okay. Don't freak out if someone uses your crayon, we can share right? Ian piped in and said, "No you can't share in Kind., first, or second. You have to use your own." I just laughed. This is stupid! HA! Again, whatever. Besides the labeling -- i think they do have an awesome teacher so that's good.

  5. Ella you look so confident! We love you pretty girl! May you have a great year of learning!


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