Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What Excites One or Two

What is it that makes Talia smile this big at Day at the Farm?
It's not the horses.
It's not the pigs.
It's not the goat milking.
It's hand sanitizer. 
You can see it in her hand. Yes, she is rubbing it all over herself like "sunscream".

The only other person I know who loves the stuff more is Bruce. He's nuts about it. I mean, I like clean hands just as much as anyone, but I'll save my excitement for things a little bit more like this.

I should've taken a picture of this raspberry deliciousness, but it was gone too fast. There were 12 of us at lunch today, and I doubled the recipe. PW's Raspberry Crisp with real whipped of the most exciting desserts I've eaten in a long time. 

If you want to kick up the excitement notch a bit, you can use the hand sanitizer after you've licked your bowl clean. At least two peeps in my family would be excited by that.


  1. Hilarious! Love the pink cheeks and pig tails.
    And now I know what to get BJ for his birthday.

  2. Thanks for posting the recipe. Crisps are so easy and always good. Been making a lot of apple and peach, now to try raspberry!

  3. I don't even recognize this big girl! Seems like yesterday you and Bruce were hanging out in our living room for some newborn photos. Talia is adorable and seems to be growing up quickly.


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