Monday, August 16, 2010

Vegan Thoughts

Some thoughts on being Vegan...
1.There is very little beyond fruits and vegetables that do not have animal products in it. I know this because I read nearly every label in our house and at the grocery store. In the end, I mostly ate spinach salad and other vegetables for my main courses. For dessert I ate fruit. I was burning up too many calories reading labels to come up with new recipes to try.

2. I felt amazing. Once I got passed day two (you know the one with the cheesecakes I was fine. My head was the clearest it's been in a long time. Instead of thinking about food, I spent time thinking about how strong I felt. Until day five when everyone I knew was making pizza or eating pizza. Not fun. I love pizza. And I usually eat vegetarian pizza. But vegans don't eat cheese. And I love cheese. I almost live for cheese.

3. My body would function well as a Vegan. I have read The Body Type Diet  and it says the same thing---I should eat as many fruits and vegetables as I can. (Your body type might be different. Get the book, take the quiz to find out.) Meat, cheese and cream are things I should rarely eat and those last two could be major food groups for me. While on this self imposed cleanse, I had zero cravings after day two. On my to do list was to bake for an upcoming event. I made things loaded with butter and cream and had no desire to taste them. I felt completely balanced without them. This is not normal for me.

4. My family would not function well as Vegans. Bruce, Ella and Talia are not vegans nor do they want to be. Bruce had the first lunch of the week with me and when I thought we were finished, he said, "Raise your hand if you're a satisfied vegan?" He then went and ransacked the cupboards for anything he could find.

5. I am not staying a Vegan. Due to my all or nothing personality I doubt that I can find a moderation that I could really do. And it really is a lot of work to prepare a meal for your family and a separate meal for yourself. I had one hot meal all week. I cannot imagine doing this in the winter...a freezing Vegan I could not be.

For those of you who are curious about weight loss,  I lost four pounds and an entire half inch on my hips alone. And I exercised three days last week and did yoga twice.

Weight loss is not enough to convince me.
Clarity of thoughts are not enough to convince me.
Cravings subsided are not enough to convince me.

In the end, cheese wins.


  1. I couldn't agree more.
    The mental clarity was great.
    I felt less fluffy by day two.
    I wanted pizza like nobody's business, and succumbed to it's calling on Friday night!

    Cheese will always win!

  2. I enjoyed this post whilst eating my homemade baked Mac and Cheese. As Marjie said... Cheese will always win!! ;) But I applaud your effort!

  3. Cheese....take it or leave it. But let me be the first to say "welcome back to the dark side."

  4. Love it! I've been following your blog for a bit now and love reading. This past spring, my husband and I had what we called "Vegetarian February" (he agreed to February since it is the shortest month of the year...) :) However, we didn't go vegan, but lacto-ovo vegetarian. My boy couldn't go that long without the cheese. We had fun with it, but being the Texans that we are, we were seriously craving some red meat by March 1.

    Now we're living in Africa and cheese is reeeally expensive, so we're looking at a new "cheese adventure".

  5. Thanks for the thoughts - I was wondering how it went and I am SO with you on freezing in the winter without HOT food.

  6. Kim, your blog just cracks me up. I really enjoy reading about your adventures in life. Thanks for always putting a smile to my face :) Amy

  7. ha.
    cheese wins.
    i might starve eating that way.
    i need to see this book...i have heard so much about it.

    wish me luck...running commences at noon!

  8. I am not vegan but mostly vegetarian and I love it. I get more vegetarian all the time. Favorite hot dish is Lentil soup and bread. Lentil soup is easy to make and very tasty and good for you. Also on the cheese dilemma Lisanatti Foods make an Almond Mozzarella that is fantastic on Pizza, chili, lentil soup and sandwiches. I don't like most vegan cheeses but this one is great. I have found others in the Mozzarella style that I like too but the cheddar's are yuck.


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