Friday, August 20, 2010

Mean Mom Devotional

Oh yes, I can be a mean mom. I've been feeling it lately. So this morning when I got an email from a friend saying that she had come across this devotional about being a mean mom and it spoke to her, I knew the Lord was going to speak to my heart as well. Gulp. Double gulp.

When I was in Kindergarten,I learned the song, "Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar." This is immediately where my brain went when I started thinking about moms. We all are mean, aren't we? I just seem to have more days lately than everyone else.

"Who me? 
Yes, you. 
Couldn't be. 
Then, who? "

Instead of pointing to someone else in the group, I'm guessing most of us would point to ourselves, and be surprised by the seemingly perfect mom pointing directly at herself, too.
If you're mentally pointing to yourself, read Mean Mom, Kind Mom. Be prepared to be challenged. I'm a little wounded because there's so much truth there, and I've got a bit of homework on my plate after reading it.

Thanks, dear friend for sending this to me. I love a good word, even if there's a bunch of pruning that's going to need to be done.

I'm guessing my girls would thank you, too.

My dad is going to Haiti tomorrow with a group of men to help rebuild a church.
Would you all pray for him?

I love you, dad. I am so very proud of you. May God be glorified in every moment of this adventure. I believe He will be.


  1. How many times today have I already said...let me be spirit filled in my response. I'm a major work in progress. But ready to be spirit filled and not so MEAN! Glad I could share.

  2. Praying for your dad's trip! What an awesome opportunity!

  3. Wow, that was powerful. When I am stressed, which I was today due to moving Ben to college, I get "snappy." Gordon had to remind me a few times to calm down. I don't want to be like that, I just want to help!! But the old "mean mom" just comes out. Thanks for the blessings every time you write on your blog. I will also be praying for your dad. Makes me miss my dad very much, but he's in heaven eating apple pie and fishing! :)

  4. There is a group from Windom/Mountain Lake area there now also. I'll be praying for him and excited to hear about the trip in person when they come visit us next month. Pam

  5. What? You're mean to your kids? What kind of mother are you? I would never dream of this!


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