Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tea for Two

While on a ferry to Victoria, British Columbia, I remembered hearing that Butchard Gardens served high tea. I rang (don't I sound British already?) and they, the dining room, answered. Yes, they could take us!

We arrived at the dining room a little early, before anyone else.

 The hostess who greeted us said we could choose where we wanted to sit.

We decided we wanted to sit outside.

I kept forgetting to place the strainer over my cup...I had floaties in my tea. Can you say that at tea time? Floaties at my house usually means something else...which is not tea time conversation.

I must've taken one sip when the funny started.

In his best British accent, Bruce said, "How is the Prime Minister these days? The old chap!"

I replied with something lame-o like, "It's been ages since I've seen his lovely mug!" 

Forgive me, Love. Had I seen the speck, I would've told you. Otherwise I love this picture of you.
Saving me from my poor British accent was our server. She brought this just in time.

The berry trifle was followed by this.

We started on the ground floor and worked our way up.

Hello, lemon tartlet, you were my favorite.

When we were nearly finished, Bruce said that tea time was obviously an okay man thing to do. My heart soared!  I was so excited that he thought this was a romantic thing to do with me, and in my head I was planning tea dates with him by the dozens. But then he said, "After all, when you think about it, all the greats of rock-n-roll royalty probably enjoy the tea tradition: Paul McCartney, The Who, The Rolling Stones, The Sex Pistols." 

At the conclusion of our tea, the server said, "Wow, you've finished the entire thing." Uh, yes we did. Were we not suppose to? I'm sure The Sex Pistols have would've known better.

With our eyes lazy and our stomachs plump, we lingered in the garden a couple more hours.

If you ever get to British Columbia, you've got to get yourself to The Butchard Gardens.
Make reservations for the tea. You'll feel like royalty.

Or, in the case of my husband you'll feel like McCartney, Jagger, Townsend, or one of those Sex Pistol guys.


  1. Floaties in my teeth. Pure rubbish!

  2. The desserts look divine! And I am still laughing hearing your british accents in my head.

  3. Okay, now I'm going to have to google "The Sex Pistols", if i dare! Janice

  4. Rubbish in your teeth! You ARE from England!

  5. Jas and I both loved this post!!

  6. I've ALWAYS wanted to do a tea like this. And I've ALWAYS planned on finishing the stand of tea-treats. MMMM-GOOD.

  7. Hilarious! Love the pics...what a perfect place to brush up on your Brittish accents.

  8. Makes sense - when I think Sid and Nancy, Bruce and Kim are the first names that come to mind :)


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