Monday, August 9, 2010

Puppy Love

I can't believe we did it. We went and looked at puppies. 

We cuddled them.

We talked to them.

We told them how much we already love them.
And then we went home without any of them.
One exhausted. One in tears. One with relief.  And one much too hopeful for her own good.


  1. So cute! I vote for the one that Talia is holding... come on, go for it!

  2. DON'T DO IT!! I speak from experience!

  3. 19 puppies and dogs taken from a breeder to the Newton Animal Shelter where they will be adoptable after some TLC and good vet care - Channel 12 had it on at 5 - probably will run again at 6 and 10 = check it out - not that I would ever run and get a dog from the shelter - lol - love you Lucy ( my shelter coonhound - so sweet and lovable)

  4. FYI.

    Rowdie puked on the bedroom floor sometime last night while we were sleeping.

    I'm just saying. Dog puke, bare feet, early morning. You do the math.

  5. one of them looked a little like a big waffle dog!

    DO IT.
    they are fabulous.
    i love our dog.

  6. I grew up with a shih-tzu. Now we have one of our own. The smartest, sweetest, most lovable dog. I say go for it. Once you get past the house breaking - it's a piece of cake! Tisha


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