Thursday, August 19, 2010

Back to School Coffee

I believe this thought came from the Lord last year: On that first day of school, if you, the Mom, don't have to head straight out of the classroom and into the office, then you probably need a place to be. You could be the place to be.

I advertised my first Back to School Coffee for moms in the area last year when Ella went to Kindergarten via Facebook and announced in church that "there would be Kleenex provided to those who need it and high fives for those who wanted to give them" when they got to my house that morning. In other words, we would weep with those who wanted to weep and cheer with those who were cheering. I also added that there would be no judgement in either direction and that anyone who needed a place to be at 8:30 am on the first day of school was invited to my house.

This summer I was thrilled when people began asking if I was having the get together again. 
You bet. A tradition had been born. 
I made Bakerella's Cheesecake Bars and cut them into bites (I used Pam Buller's crust , thanks Megan), Pioneer Woman's French Breakfast Puffs and my dear friend Molly's White Chocolate Cranberry Scones. I ate plenty of all three. Delish!

And then the Moms arrived---the Young and the Seasoned.

And with them there were at least six babies. Look at these lips. I love baby lips. 
This is the newest babsie in town. Sweet Maddox. This is not his mama. 
She was sharing the love. I love it when they share.
Of course we had kids---I didn't count but there had to be more kids than adults.
 There may have been around 50 of us total. I lost track around 40. 

Talia was there, too. Showing love to the babies. Not so much love was had for one of her best friends who wanted to "share" her special blanket though. We're still working on that sharing thing. 
Heck, I'm personally still working on that sharing thing.
A little proof that I was there. Really. Modeling my back to school shirt. 
Do you buy a back to school shirt for yourself? 
That's another little tradition I have.
Forever 21 I love you....$7.50 with tax!
This is the shirt I was more interested in. I loved it. I asked her if I could take a picture of her beautiful tummy. She's a good sport...but seriously, I never had anything this cute to wear when I was pregnant.
You're beautiful Amanda!
Three hours later, my party ended.
My stomach and heart were both full. Such a fun morning.
I love each of you that came over.
Come again next year, and bring friends!
I read this verse yesterday morning and knew it was for me, and potentially for the Mom's attending the Back to School Coffee. I posted it on my chalkboard.

Psalm 25:5 (NIV)
"Guide me in your truth and teach me
for you are God my Savior,
  and my hope is in you all day long."

As you guide me in your truth, teach me, Jesus, to put my hope in you all day long.
That means every second.
When I worry about Ella: Not eating lunch. Making it to the bathroom on time. Paying attention in class. Obeying her teachers. Loving others. Listening. Learning. Being a friend.
Guide me. All. Day. Long.
I need you and your truth.


  1. I had to see what you posted from yesterday...should be working (waiting on somebody right now so I checked your blog). This is such a neat idea you have come up with. Loved your pictures and your verse.

  2. It was a wonderful morning Kimberlee! Thanks for opening up your house (and heart)with us!

  3. great pictures and great memories! i'm pretty sure i have the whitest legs EVER and that shot of amanda's belly is ADORABLE!

  4. For starters, feeling a little emotional today...not sure why, but because i am, i found myself crying as i came to the picture of my sister. Not really a sad cry...just a realization of how much i love that girl, and how blessed i am that you love her too!

    Your hospitality was evident through these pics...what a blessing this was to these moms. I'm giving a praise offering right now for this idea from the Lord and your walk of obedience! Love you!

  5. Looked like so much fun. A mom hosted one of these get together here too and it was wonderful to have a "place". Loved how you said their was no judgment . . . some need a kleenex and some need high fives. I'm sure there were some that needed both!!! Ian's school in Utah had a "Boo Hoo" brunch for all kindergarten moms. I thought that was a cute name.

  6. I was teary too, as I viewed the pics and read the scripture. What a wonderful ministry site your home is! Thanks for including the scripture. It affirmed what the Holy Spirit wants to continue in my life. Love, Janice

  7. wish i i could've come.
    but i think my kids were still home....or i didn't have a car....i can't recall which one it was.
    it looks like LOADS of fun. :)
    and I got teary reading about taryn getting teary!!!

  8. I love your new tradition idea!! :) The brunch looks amazing, and it looks like you all had a blast. :) Thanks so much for the visit today!


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