Monday, October 17, 2011

Hello Monday...

{Inspired by the lovely Lisa Leonard.  Linking up with her today.}

Hello leftover Pumpkin Muffins, what a treat you are!
Hello gymnastics practice in the living room.

Hello good news! I welcome you and the possibility of you.

Hello chicken noodle soup in the crock pot for dinner.

Hello working on the next Whatever Craft Weekend.
Hello planning a 4th birthday party.

Hello preparing for a business lunch.

Hello counting the days until my Mom arrives.  {Five more sleeps!}

Hello gorgeous Kansas sunsets. I've missed you.

What are you saying "Hello" to you this week?


  1. I wondered if that what was what you were doing last night :)

  2. Hello to a cute little boy jumping off of the school bus!

    Hello to the great things God has YET to do! I can't wait!

    and Hello coffee! Thank God you are here for me today :-)

  3. We count days in "sleeps" at our house, too:)
    Mrs. B.

  4. Love the "hello" idea. Your pictures are really all looking good girl.

  5. I love it -- I'm swing hello to crisp fall mornings (okay, at least cooler mornings), a hot cup of coffee and quiet time on my back patio

    I'm saying hello to my cute nephews when I surprise them tomorrow!

  6. Think I'm going to be saying hello to those pumpkin muffins. Do you realize how much mouth watering food you've been posting lately? Not good for preggo over here.

  7. Hello to a beautiful, Jesus lovin' friend! Happy day!

  8. I said hello to family visiting from Utah. Wish I would have though about doing this for my Monday post -- it would have been a fun way to welcome them. :) You rock Kimberlee.

  9. We count down to important things in "sleeps" too. :) Two more sleeps until the hubby and I take a road trip down the coast to Santa Barbara for our anniversary weekend. I can't wait.

    Miss you, sweet friend!!


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