Thursday, October 13, 2011

Every Thing On It {The Winner!}

The winner, as picked by, is number 8!

DebbieDee said...

My favorite books to read to Owen are two called "Why I love my Daddy" and "Why I love my Mommy." They are illustrated by Daniel Howarth and taken from children's own words. For myself, my favorite recent author is Lauraine Snelling, who writes inspirational or Christian fiction.

Congrats, Debbie! Please email me at kimberleejost at yahoo dot com to claim your book. I know you are going to love it!
I have several other books going right now.
All non-fiction.
I don't really expect to look like I'm 17 when I finish, but I'm finding that I enjoy reading about what I should be doing to get ready for the future. 
I'm not so much a yeller, or a nagger, I think I'm a pleader. I think my tone has a little too much desperation attached to it.
This is my favorite of the three. I am having to read it slowly. I can't remember the last time I've had to read a book this slowly, or wanted to  for that matter. It's deep. And truthfully, it hurts a little bit, which surprised me. Did it to anyone else who has read it? I'm about half done.
How about you, what are you currently reading?
I think I'm in the mood for some fiction now.
What should I read next?


  1. I'm behind the times, but I'm starting Heaven Is For Real.

  2. i started 1000 gifts and need to start it again. i was reading it last spring and life was crazy. i knew i needed to read it when i could be quiet... in my mind and soul. i am ready to pick it up again but i am starting over. there is so much to absorb. it is definitely a slow read but so good!

  3. So it's not fiction, but have you read "Same Kind of Different as Me"? My fave. So good. Couldn't put it down.

  4. Read 1000 GIfts . . . I read it extremely slow. It was very very good but a very different style of writing then I'm used to. It's almost poetic or something. I took sooo many things from it though that were super challenging to me. Loved it. Love to hear what you think on that parenting book?

  5. Just finished 1000 gifts. Love love love it. Makes me not be as grumpy as I flit from disaster to disaster. :o) I loved your link to the RAOK day! It's so easy to spread lovin...wonder why we make it so hard???

  6. I have 1000 gifts but haven't started reading it yet, I'm still in the middle of "how to make children mind without losing yours." Still losing my mind :).

  7. I started 1000 gifts and couldn't quite get into it - I really need to start it again. I am also reading The Help - really good so far!

  8. i hope you don't look 17 when you get finished. you could get your hubs in trouble. :)

    i've heard so many good things about 1000 gifts. now that I'm back in america (and don't have an excuse for not reading more), i need to get a copy!

  9. One of the books I've picked up recently is a paraphrase/translation of the New Testament called The Voice. I was introduced to it by our Outreach Pastor at Garden Park MB. The basic premise of it is that, just as the original Scriptures were written by many different people, the books of the New Testament are taken by different individuals/groups of scholars and writers, so that each book keeps more of its original author's voice.


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