Thursday, October 6, 2011

PinterTest Kitchen: Chubby Hubby Bars

Talia and I looked through my Pinterest food boards yesterday for something to test.
She asked what ingredients were in each.
When we came to the Chubby Hubby bars , we agreed: This was the one!
Peanut Butter Cups...good.
That was said in my best "Joey Tribbiani" voice. 
Could you hear it?
I've also gotta a little, "How you doin'?" in there if you want to hear it.
I noticed that I'm not so great at taking pictures of the process.

Especially when she's giving me such great material.
And then when it's finished. I'm all over it. 
Or, it's all over me. 
My taste testers gave this one a thumbs up!
Ben and Jerry would certainly approve.

The only way thing I would differently would be to add less sea salt.
With the pretzel salt already, you don't need the entire teaspoon added in there, but you do want some. I think it takes this bar over the top!

You can get the recipe here.

Check out Jess's blog today to see what she and a slew of others are PinterTesting.

I already am looking forward to the the next one even though I know I may have to sacrifice my waistline for it.


  1. YUM! Except you left out the "meat, goood!" :)
    Oh you make me laugh!
    Gonna have to make this and SOON! Thanks for posting the recipe.

  2. yo, joey!
    i'm hungry.

  3. html queen! look at you! :) and i think your pictures are perfect.

    and those look delicious!!!

    thanks for linking up!!

  4. SO I just stared at those for several minutes--YUM! I'm thinking I'll make them for a potluck I have this month. That way I won't eat them all myself. :)

  5. These look YUM. Glad your recipe was a winner & not a LOSER like mine where. I am going to make these because I have all the ingredients on hand & I love the salty sweet combo! Thanks for sharing! And, loved your Joey tribute :)

  6. those look SO good. and the swirly chocolate top photo is FAB.

    and talia is too cute with the beater.

    i'm on my way over for dessert ;)

  7. Now there is something that most certainly DOESN'T taste like feet.


  8. I seriously want to make those NOW!!! They look yummmmy!

  9. Yummo!
    And I can totally hear your Joey!

  10. Not good for my pms!!

  11. oh man. they just got pinned onto my board.....great!

  12. not cool kimberlee.
    it's not JC approved.
    what would alexis say to me??????

    i need one.
    i wish i'd pulled up at your house tonight after volleyball to snag one of these....just one.


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