Monday, October 3, 2011

Family Day

I'm a little embarrassed to say that we planned Family Day two months ago. Who does that?
Parents with Crazytown schedules, that's who.

All invitations to do anything else would be declined for all family members.
That was harder to do than I thought it would be.
There would be no chores and no homework. No yard work. I even managed to stay away from my computer for 48 hours.
Our only goal for the day would be spend the day together and play as a family.
And like it.
I said you will like it.
And then you loved it.

Family Day was a blast, an adventure, and a full of tests. Some of which, I failed. I think I actually said, "Can we just stop playing on this junk of a playground and get to the pumpkins already?" Not my finest moment, I'll admit it, but overall the investment of Family Day is worth it. Even with a few meltdowns. I wasn't the only one who had one. Not that I'm tattling or anything...

We will be scheduling another one soon.
First, we need to work on getting date night back on the calendar.
That's crazy that we have to schedule date night in, too, but we do.
Now that's Redonk.
Or so some in California might say.


  1. Don't feel bad girlfriend. Truth be known most American families have to schedule Family Day a few weeks in advance ... the fact that you cared enough to keep on keeping on until you actually had a Family Day is what's important. Looks like fun was had by all ... BRAVO! Thanks for sharing! (BTW, Date Night is every bit as important ... schedule in some time with the hubs ... soon! ;)

  2. Love the picture of Ella with the hamburger! LOVE it. And also love the one of Talia with corn dust all over her bottom and her little cowgirl boots! Looks like such a fun weekend!

  3. Looks like you spent your Sunday similar to ours . . . getting pumpkins. Family days are so fun but there can be pressure for them so go just so and man that's hard when the family day includes more than just one person. HA! Glad you had a good day.

  4. What an awesome idea! I'm gonna have to do that...

  5. I actually really love that you scheduled that day.
    I think it would be much more likely to happen
    {for us, anyway}
    if we did it that way.

    And isn't it funny how so many family days
    include candyland?
    Don't you wish you had a dollar for every time
    you have played that game.... :)

    Now go schedule that date night!


  6. Way to go. Love the pics. Looks like fun. Now get your date night on. Even if it is just at home. Intentional after the kids go to bed.

  7. hahaha. this post made me snicker. ;)
    i don't think it's terribly redonk that you had to schedule the day! i'm glad you did! saying NO can be so hard!

    but it sounds like the pay off was WELL worth it.

    that tireswing is redonk.
    and so is that corn kernel thing.

    looks like kiddie dreams come true :)

  8. I'm with you. It doesn't happen unless I schedule it. And it's so worth it -- times you will always remember. Love the photos you got of your girls -- the corn shots are so cool. I want to come and lay in a pile of corn kernels!! Does that place sell ground corn?? Kansas is just too awesome.

  9. the dirty bum with the red boots??? killer.
    i love it.

    we have family day once a year....we call it vacation.

    the corn photo made me scratch my nose.

  10. Your kids are so cute!! What a fun day. I want some of those red boots!!

  11. these pics are amazing.
    and family day? we need to do this too.
    only good attitudes need apply.
    love ya.
    miss ya.

  12. I think it was smart of you to plan a family day - good thinking, mama! Your girls are too cute!!


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