Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Good Blog Things

There's been some fun things going on in Blogland recently.
Really fun things.
Source: Chrissie Grace
First up: Chrissie Grace is doing an amazing giveaway...
For Davis. I love that girl. I want to know her. Like in real life.
Ashley Ann recently wrote a post on the dailiness and seeing it through your lens. When I took her online SnapShop course she touched on this, and it was one of my favorite sections. If you're wondering what you should be taking pictures of, read this.  I was completely inspired all over again to groan and then take a picture.
My friend Jessica is hosting a monthly link up party inspired by all the things we pin on Pinterest.

The first one is on Thursday.
I guess I need to narrow it down a bit on what I'm making.
If you follow my boards, you've noticed I'm a little food obsessed.
Julie's Happy Sunday always speaks to my heart. They were the original inspiration for my WORD posts. Yesterday, Julie launched a challenge to do good. I signed up because who doesn't need an occasional kick in the pants to do something for someone else.
If you've seen something that spoke "good" to you in the past week or so in Blogland, would you mind posting it in a comment?

Let's keep encouraging each other with the good things on this Tuesday.


  1. thanks for the shout out, friend. i miss you!

  2. SO. SO. SO. much goodness. i can hardly keep up. but i am excited about it.
    all of it.

    happy tuesday. :)

    Jami over at call me blessed (callmeblessed.com?) hosts We Encourage Tuesdays - some weeks I skim through, but this weeks posts hit home, super awesome. :)

  3. Love it!

    Good things... well, a very dear 2nd grade friend posts poetry and beautiful encouragement over at:



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