Monday, October 31, 2011

The Highlights

All is well, but all was busy last week.
Here are two of the highlights.
Yes, we did make it to the zoo for Talia's birthday despite a "blistering ear infection."
But not before we stopped at McDonalds with super-duper friend Quinlyn.
Which is where I slow-motioned a time warped, "NOOOOOOOOO" as the van door slammed behind me.
And then I stress ate a Quarter Pounder with cheese, a large fries, and a large diet coke in less than three minutes.
35 minutes later I was rescued by a guy in a Bierrock truck, and we were on our way.
You cannot make that kind of thing up, and it's not code for anything either.
It's true, the Bierrock man rescued us from the parking lot at McDonalds.
At the zoo, Talia informed me that she could share a water with Nana because it was her ear that was sick, not her mouth. As party favors for our guests, I purchased enough waters so that I was the only one sharing with her.
We were also invited to tea at my friend LaVonne's house last week.
She lays out all the pretties to dress up in.

Guess who fell in love with all of this?

My Mom and I do not have hat heads. 
You don't have to lie to us and tell us we do. 
We know the truth.
Ella had to miss out on this party due to a little thing called school
She's been to tea at LaVonne's before, so don't feel too bad for her.
After we were dressed to the nines (or some of us the eights) we had tea and so much more!

Hello, Pumpkin Custard. I love you.

Before we knew it, the dreaminess that is tea was over.

Thank you, Miss LaVonne.
Now go and erase that voicemail some crazy wannabe Brit left you last week.
Cheers to you, Love.


  1. What fun to see pics of you all at LaVonne's. Wow! She's featured ON A BLOG!!! You do great pics!

  2. Oh, I want to meet Miss LaVonne! She must be absolutely lovely! I love a good tea!

  3. Ok, i just have to say that i think you look AWESOME in that black sophisticated!!!! And i'm not just saying that! I think you look like someone who should be in a movie. Very fun!

  4. What a fun birthday....minus the keys being locked in your van! The tea party looks wonderful and you all look fabulous in your hats.....I agree with Taryn!

  5. you definitely ended october with a bang!

    the zoo....with ear blisters and all!

    and that miss lavonne's dress up party looks like my cuppa tea! look at all those fun accessories!

  6. (I agree with Taryn)I thought you looked lovely in the black hat as well. I had a similar experience with my keys & van ... I relived it as I read your words ... "Noooooooooo!" ... my experience of course was minus the man in the Bierrock truck & quarter pounder (which would have been a tasty touch! ;)

  7. Oh, the stress-eating bit cracked me up! What a fun little tea party! I love having "tea" and I adore chatting in a british accent!

  8. I love the picture inside the slide tunnel! Tea parties are the best! janice

  9. Love that pic of Quin and Tal. Quin had a fabulous time that day!

  10. Looks like a week well spent with Nana and birthday celebrations.
    Totally loving the giraffe picture. Like want to frame it - love it!

  11. i love the tea party. how fun!

    i don't have a hat head either... i so wish i did. it would make life easier some days but it just isn't going to happen.

    i love the zoo {and mcdonalds quarter pounders with fave}. i am glad talia had a great birthday.


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