Monday, October 24, 2011

Finally Four.

We celebrated Talia's fourth birthday yesterday.
And no, I did not make the cake. 
I'm really great at buying cakes, remember?
Today is her actual day.
She has waited and talked about today for months and months.
Last night there were complaints of an ear ache.
Today we will visit her pediatrician. 
{Not our original plan.}
We will go to the zoo.
{If el doctor says it's okay. She doesn't have a fever.}
The zoo will be there tomorrow, but her birthday is today.
If el doctor says "no zoo today", she'll have to suffer through three days of celebration.
Yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
I guess that's not so bad, is it?


  1. Happy Birthday Talia!!! I can't believe you are 4 already!

  2. Happy birthday to your sweet girlie! My 'Boochie' girl (youngest grandgirlie) was 4 on 10/16 ... It's just such a precious age ... I love it. Praying Miss Talia's earache is shortlived and the 'el doctor' gives the thumbs up to the zoo today. Enjoy! (BTW, I'm gifted in the art of ordering cakes as well ... coincindence? I think not! ;)

  3. Tell Talia Happy Birthday from the Wicherts. I still remember bringing her a birthday pumpkin in the hospital.

  4. Happy Happy 4th Birthday to Talia!!!! Love the cake!!! Hopefully you are able to go to the's a perfect day for it! Have fun celebrating!
    Tracy H

  5. I love that picture! Amazing colors. Happy birthday Talia! She is too cute for her own good :) Have a great day at the zoo!! I am optimistic :)

  6. Miss Talia, there is a family in CO that is loving you from afar! Happy Birthday girlie! Love you!

  7. "Happy Birthday, Dear Talia....Happy Birthday to you" :)
    Mrs. B.

  8. Happy Birthday to your sweet little girl. Hope el doctor was nice.

  9. Happy Birthday, Talia! What a beautiful cake!

  10. I hope she feels better and Happy Birthday Miss Talia!!

  11. Woohoo - four!
    Happy birthday to Talia!


  12. I love those 4year old moments... they go by too fast! I hope you get to the zoo :). I just started reading your blog... and I have to say... I love it. I relate!
    Tracy (

  13. Four is such a fun age. Soooo cute. Love this photograph. Have fun at the zoo. For some reason, it just seems weird to think of a zoo in Kansas. Why is that??? I need to get out of OZ, huh. :)


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