Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Because I Cannot Wait...

We had family pictures last weekend.
It had been three years since the last official one.
I just felt like I needed one great shot of our family.
Just one.
Well here's one that's been released to us.
I am beyond happy. And there's more to come!
Thank you, Megan Duerksen, for capturing our little family and making the memory so sweet.


  1. Oh that's just precious. LOVE.

  2. I love it.....great picture!!!

  3. Thanks for posting it! I was hoping you wouldn't hold out. :)

  4. you guys are a gorgeous fam.
    i love the bright blues for the top two
    and matching giant smiles for the bottom two ;)

  5. This is priceless. You should have it printed on a canvas! Oh and I love what a proud mama you are :)

  6. stop it. stop it. STOP. ITTTT. cannot handle. SOOO cute. we're having ours taken next month and i can't wait!

  7. Love love love it. I can't wait to see them all. I'm still oozing over ours. I can not decide which one to make in a big canvas. ahhh!! She takes so many good ones. I'm posting my family pics this week!

  8. I want a family picture taken by Meg, too! But your family is better looking than mine...maybe I will just ask Meg for a copy of yours??!!!!!

  9. Beautiful! That Megan, she is GOOD!

  10. the picture is priceless. i LOVE it!!!

    i made your crock pot dinner last night... it was a hit! 4 out of 5 liked it. the one who didn't really like it is my picky eater so that doesn't surprise me ;O)

  11. What a gorgeous family! Nice job, Meg, as always.

    We're getting pictures taken in the morning. I just spent 2 hours in Old Navy. Me=procrastinator. Wish me luck!

  12. 1. your family is beautiful.
    2. meg did a really good job. i can't wait to see more!


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