Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Gathering on the Blue

On Saturday at 6:00 am, I hopped in a van with four friends and drove to an antique and primitive sale near Milford, Nebraska.
The Gathering on the Blue has several sales a year and this one was for "Shed Junkies". Love that term.
I loved this....and how I wish it could've come to my house.
My friend Megan from It's a Darn Good Life wanted to take a picture of us. I wanted to roll my pant legs down first. I had them rolled because the grass was still wet when we got there...and I didn't even wear the cutest most comfortable shoes in the world until later because of it. Hence the flip flops and wet toes.

 Look at each face. This picture is a keeper...except for the bending over part, and that Deb looks like she's trying to make sure her Secret is really working. :)
 There we go. That's more natural.
"Yes, I really do think you should purchase that table, Carisa. And no, I don't know why you are drawn to everything that's this shade of green or mustard in color today. And speaking of mustard, I'm hungry."

I saw the perfect grayish trunk. I walked over to it and there was another woman looking at it. As soon as she saw me she said, "I'm buying this." I said, "It's a great piece." She said, "It's heavy." So, I did the thing I knew I should. I told her I'd watch it for her while she went to get her van and then I got my friends to load it up in our van and ran to it's vendor, paid her and spun out of the gravel driveway before anyone noticed.  No. Not really. Of course I helped her carry it, so that she could put it in her van and drive off into the sunset with the beautiful grayish trunk that should've been mine. Sigh. 

As a group, we did well. Very well. 
Here's a picture of the loot we scored from this sale...and my beautiful friends.
Picture courtesy of Megan @ It's a Darn Good Life
And then we remembered we had a van to pack.
It took a few minutes...but there was still room!
 We stopped at several antique stores...and we scored time after time. (Sing it Ms. Lauper.)
Picture by Megan, how'd she do that???? 
Thank you, sweet friends, for the most beautiful day. 
I can't wait to see where else our travels will take us.
I hope it will be soon.


  1. so much fun!
    and i agree, you should have strapped that amazing cabinet to the top of that van and brought her home! it is awesome!

  2. Did you really just post a picture of my bootie on your blog???

    I'll try to forget about it, but it is going to haunt me for awhile.

    You could have at least used "insta thin" editing on it for heaven's sake.

    One of the best days in recent history for sure. I'm dragging you back there to get your firkin while I take a rug hooking class. It's going to be F.U.N. (and that's what girls just wanna have, you know)

  3. I have to tell you that your "Secret" comment about Deb made me think...that's right..you know what I'm thinking! I can't stop thinking about it...oh my.


  5. It was a fun day - thanks for documenting it.

  6. Looks like so much fun - and I love your shoes too!


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