Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"Deep" Yoga Thoughts

I went to yoga at 6:30 am. 
Hopefully it won't be "sporadically."   
Hello, Clueless fans.  

Here are a few of my thoughts during yoga class.
1. I'm late.
2. Am I doing this right?
3. There's a seafoam green electrical outlet! Carisa would love that.
4. That's the only outlet in here.
5. Tree pose.
6. Shaking like a leaf. (Laughing to myself.)
7. Focus. Be a tree already.
8. Breathe.
9. I think my stomach is hanging over my yoga pants.
10. I can see my stomach hanging over my yoga pants.
11. I hate crunches.
12. Mountain pose. 
13. I look like a speed bump.
14. I'm going to wear Spanx to yoga.
15. Don't cough.
16. I'm going to cough.
17. Parenthood starts tonight!
18. I think we're about out of coffee.
19. Tree pose again? How many times are we going to do this today?
20. Am I going to have to drink decaf coffee for breakfast? 
21. I'm going to get a headache.
22. Focus...seafoam green outlet
23. I didn't bring money for coffee.
24. Yeah, see ya Thursday. 
25. Maybe.


  1. Thanks for starting my day off with some great laughter!!

  2. Okay Kim! I've been seriously studying up to do yoga and I read this! I'm not sure I can find my inner peace now. You are too funny! Janice

  3. ohhh i needed a laugh. you are too funny!

  4. hahahahaaaa
    i love how "centered" you are during yoga!
    but girl, i gotta hand it to ya, yoga at 6:30AM??!!
    no wonder you wanted coffee!

  5. I WOULD love that outlet!!! So glad to know I'm on your mind at such an early hour.....happy yoga, baby!

  6. Wish you could have heard my thoughts when I was trying to do the boat pose last month...love it :).

  7. Abe and I were talking about this post. He commented one needs to focus during exercise. I informed him that this merely illustrates how women think ALL the time! That our minds can think about the current activity, our to-do list, our body image, plans for the future, and what we want to eat for lunch...all at the same time. He declared that "insanity", but we women know that is "reality"! :)

  8. Too funny!
    That's totally me when I go to a yoga class.
    Which isn't very often, by the way.


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