Thursday, September 23, 2010

In Style's "On My Mind"

Last night I took a bath with my In Style magazine.

On the very last page they have a feature called "On My Mind" where they ask famous people to comment on various topics about themselves.  I always think it's fun to see if I would say the same thing as whomever the star is. This month it's Blake Lively from Gossip Girl. I loved her in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants...the second one, not so much.
Here are In Style's topics for Ms. Lively. Here are my answers.
Morning perk...Currently Starbucks Pike I started buying this because when you save the bag and turn it into a Starbucks store, you get a free tall coffee with purchase. 
Fall fetish...Wal-Mart's Mulled Cider candle. At $3 each, I can buy and burn them all fall long!
Guilty Pleasure...Keeping Up with the Kardashions. They're a beautiful wreck. Can't. Look. Away.
Gametime...Talia thinks it's funny to run away from me. This is a game I'd like to quit playing. Is it too early to teach her Uno?
Signature Scent...Chanel, Mademoiselle. Bruce picked it out for me during our first year of marriage. I've been wearing it ever since. Love it.
Just saw...You've Got Mail and Something's Gotta Give...again. I had them playing today while I worked on Kiltzing my entry way and doing other house projects.
"If I ever get out of here, I'm having my eyes lasered."
Workout... Right now I'm trying to do yoga twice a week (still not focusing well) and trying to walk/run three times a week. I don't remember the last time I did all of this, though. I think I'm in between workouts. What should I do next?
Favorite happy hour...Sonic's 2-4 pm half price drinks. Dr. Pepper with lime. Theee best.
New hobby...I would like to know how to reupholster furniture. Anyone want to teach me?
Dream vacation...Italy for a summer. It did say "dream" didn't it?

How about you? I'd love to hear what you have to say. Copy and paste the categories in the comment section and fill in your answers. Answer them all, or answer a few. I can't wait to see what you have to say.


  1. Morning perk...getting up before everyone else in the house. I know it's not coffee, but it's PRICELESS. I do prefer 8 O'Clock coffee's Columbian best, though.

    Fall fetish...The same thing every year---Yankee Candle's Harvest scent. It's heaven, I swear.

    Guilty Pleasure...Days of our Lives. Seriously. I still DVR it after all these years. And people who say soaps are trash haven't been paying attention to what else is on TV. It's quite mild in comparison!

    Gametime...Owen is crazy about "Wipeout" for the Wii. He's crazy about this show, so this clearly is a BIG deal at our house.

    Signature Scent...I don't have one. Currently shopping for one that doesn't make Jason sneeze!

    Just saw...about 3 brand new shows for the fall TV season. Have to say, I only liked one, really.

    Workout... I'm really missing all the time I had for this during the summer. :( And I really miss running.

    Favorite happy hour...Appletini. Hands down.

    New hobby...I'm about to get my new camera. Oh how I wish I knew someone who could really teach me all the cool stuff about it!

    Dream vacation...Italy...but just for a few weeks!

  2. Picked a few to do . . .

    Gametime... Wii Tetris - jas and I played after we put kids to bed and the next morning they said, "We heard you guys playing the wii so we came out and watched in the hall. we didn't know you guys played wii at night. That was a private game wasn't it?" We laughed so hard, a "private game"??

    Signature Scent... no signature scent but I'd love to buy the new Express Love that just came out

    Just saw... Season premier of THE OFFICE - good laughs

    Workout... jazzercise 3x a week, sometimes more - today my hip reflectors hurt (is that what they are called) - didn't know they could hurt

    Favorite happy hour... Dr. Pepper with Vanilla - sorry no lime for me. For adult happy hour give me a frozen margarita with sugar instead of salt.

    Dream vacation... I'd go anywhere right now.

  3. just answered a few...

    Fall fetish... archipelago candles and hot chocolate

    Guilty Pleasure... kimberlee, i watch it too! my guilty pleasure is probably reading tim's maxim mag

    Gametime... tim and i like to play rock, paper, scissors to determine who gets bath duty

    Signature Scent... so pink... a good friend gave me a bottle on my wedding day and i have treasured that scent since

    Just saw... the office

    Dream vacation... ireland or hawaii... for our honeymoon we never had

  4. Morning perk...Kimberlee, I really don't perk at all in the morning. It really comes down to I don't do coffee or mornings!
    Fall fetish... peanut butter chewy candy.
    Guilty Pleasure...I come from a long line of "guilty" women. If it pleasurable, I must be guilty of something. (I am working on this) I love to just sit outside and read in the middle of the day.
    Gametime...Facebook Scrabble
    Signature Scent..."Happy", because it makes Alan happy and the scent doesn't change on me and start to stink.
    Just saw...I watch strange things; NCIS, Project Runway, Dancing with the Starts and my new favorite show, Covert Affair
    Workout... Does doing stretches count?
    Favorite happy hour...I think I like about 9 o'clock at night the best.
    New hobby...Trying out new recipes in my wonderful kitchen!
    Dream vacation...Hawaii or Australia

  5. Morning perk: usually for me, the morning IS the perk. I can't help it. I love that time. No kids, a run, quiet....
    Fall fetish: deck time at my house after the kids are in in the outdoor fireplace...nice
    Guilty pleasure: Splenda in my iced coffee. I am aware that it's not really food.
    Gametime: I love beating Jeff in mariokart. But Em is all about Skip Bo right now. and I love a good round of Trivial Pursuit. Or Taboo. Or Pictionary.
    Signature scent: in light of our emails yesterday, you already know amber, jasmine, some great combo! Not sure what my new scent will be YET!
    Just saw: The Biggest Loser and Parenthood. I love Tuesdays.
    Workout: I'm running my brains out these days.
    Favorite Happy Hour: Diet Cherry Limeade at Sonic!
    Hobby: I'd like to be able to say reading is my new hobby. It isn't yet, but I long for the time when it is.
    Vacay: give me sand and sun, baby!

  6. Does anyone have a tic tac?
    (In response to your laser quote)

    Morning perk...I don't love mornings but a workout in the morning is what gets me going. That is a phrase I NEVER thought I would write.

    Fall fetish...Candy Corn, Yankee's Harvest candle, fall pumpkins in my house.

    Guilty Pleasure...Eating some sort of sweet several times a day. (Thus the need to workout).

    Gametime...Lincoln is totally into games right now: go fish, memory, uno, etc. I would much rather play games than try to make cars or animals talk to each other.

    Signature Scent...soap and deodorant. I can't do perfume - gives me headaches. Good grief that makes me sound like an old lady.

    Just saw...part of the Today show.

    Workout... Cardio three times a week and strength twice a week.

    Favorite happy hour...Sonic's 2-4 pm half price drinks. Cherry Vanilla Diet Coke.

    New hobby...I'm trying to learn how to sew. I just completed a bday banner for my boys.

    Dream vacation...hmmm lately I've been dreaming about the beach.

  7. Morning perk...there's nothing perky about a morning. In the winter I enjoy Earl Grey. It must have two packets of Splenda and some milk. It tastes even better in a china tea cup.

    Fall fetish...I love candy corn and pumpkins. I also go to Target at when they open the day after Halloween. I stock up on half price paper towels, cake mixes, hand soap, toothpaste, Zip Loc containers and anything else that's practical or can be used next year.

    Guilty Pleasure...eating junk food when I get home from my weekly weigh-in.

    Game Time...Charles is OBSESSED with the Wii. Sunday night we have family game night on the Wii Fit. I am totally addicted to Words Free on my iPhone. I always have a game going with my sister and during my current game I played a 108 point word...lazier

    Signature Scent...I'm not a big fan of perfume. I can tolerate Elige by Mary Kay. It is being discontinued so I need to stock up.

    Just saw...Season premiers of Chuck, NCIS, The Office, and Big Bang Theory. I'm catching up on the previous season of House.

    Workout...I really hate exercise but I'm trying to walk every day. Going to the Zoo makes it more tolerable. I also count vacuuming as exercise. A house with all carpet and an indoor yellow lab means I need to vacuum every day.

    Favorite happy hour...Sonic Happy Hour. Rt. 44 Diet Vanilla Dr. Pepper. NO ice. No ice = more Diet Vanilla Dr. Pepper. It comes out of the fountain cold.

    New hobby...I'm not really a hobby person. I like to read, but then I don't get anything else done.

    Dream vacation...A Mediterranean cruise. A trip to the Holy Land. My Great Aunt & Uncle in-laws beach home in Puerta Vallarta...without kids. Really, any vacation without kids.

  8. Morning perk...Diet Coke - I don't drink coffee - never liked it.

    Fall fetish...sitting outside with a sweatshirt on sipping apple cider.

    Guilty Pleasure...Chocolate with friends from church

    Signature Scent...Vanilla Lace from Victoria Secret - Marissa started me on it in college.

    Just saw...Vampires Suck - and it sucked - don't waste your time.
    Workout... walking
    Favorite happy hour...Sonic's 2-4 pm half price drinks. I too like Diet Coke with cherry & vanilla!

    New hobby...Blogging and crafting

    Dream vacation...A week in Playa Del Carmen with the group of about 30 I was there with in 2005!

  9. Morning perk...sleeping in!

    Fall fetish...stepping on every crunchy leaf within reach

    Guilty Pleasure...People magazine

    Gametime...Settlers of Cataan

    Signature Scent...Vanilla

    Just saw...Karate Kid, the new one

    Workout... Walking, biking, or elliptical

    Favorite happy hour...Dr. Pepper, Martini, or Mai Tai

    New hobby...Figuring out being separated

    Dream vacation...Mazatlan or Cozumel, Mexico


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