Friday, September 3, 2010

Old Friends

Sometimes there are rewards to cleaning out junk drawers. 
Holiday....Celebrate. If we took a holiday. Just some time celebrate. Just one day out of life. It would be. It would be so nice. 
Lying in my bed, I hear the clock tick and think of you. For some reason this brings out the interpreted dances moves in me. Time after time.

I see trees of roses too. I see 'em bloom for me and you. And I think to myself...what a wonderful world.

I also found Jennifer Knapp's Kansas cd. I still love it. And yes, I've heard. Can I be made clean by this offering of my soul. Can I be made whole again?

Chicago...You know our love was meant to beeeeeeeeee. The kind of love that lasts forever. And I want you here with meeeeeeeeeee. From tonight until the end of time.

Aerosmith cd's times three. How'd they get in there? It must have something to do with that guy I know who dresses up like Steven Tyler every Halloween. Sing with me. Sing for the year. Sing for the laughter. Sing for the tears. Sing with me, if it's just for today. Maybe tomorrow, the good Lord will take you away.

What cd from your past are you still holding on to in this day and age of iTunes??? 

I'm taking this long Labor Day weekend to catch up with these old friends of mine. It's going to be a great time. Take me back.


  1. Let's get those tunes on the ipod, baby and rock out all the way to NE!!!!

  2. How funny! My kids think I'm nuts whenever "The Cure" cd is put on - can I help it their Mom was once a cool dancin fool!

  3. I just went a bunch of CDs when we cleaned out the basement---4 CD towers worth! My old favorites have found their way into the car: A little Destiny's Child, Martina McBride, Sara Evans (Born to Fly---by far her BEST), En Vogue, the Evita soundtrack. It was so fun to reminisce!

  4. Not a fan of ripping MP3s hm? All my old CDs have been digitized to the computer and trundled off to storage.

  5. After reading your post I have a mix of song lyrics floating through my head . . . it's gonna be a good day!!
    Chicago will always be with me!! I took in a concert several years back and it was glorious!

  6. Matchbox 20's first CD.... I wanna push you around ah yeah ah yeah....I will never get rid of it.

  7. My Best Friend's Wedding soundtrack! Remember all the games of Rummy we played while listening to that?!! Good times!

  8. love jennifer knapp. no matter what.

    we still have jodeci.
    from 1990?
    it is still in strong rotation too!

    i used to put that madonna cd on for cleaning.
    loved it.


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