Tuesday, September 28, 2010

True Fun

When we picked up the girls from Grandpa and Grandma's on Sunday, I took a few pictures in their backyard.
Ella was in the mood to have her picture taken. That never happens, so I jumped at the chance. I love the blue marker on her face. Hilarious.
Talia was not in the mood have her picture taken. That's okay. She wanted to swing. Like Ella.
Grandma installed this swing after our Day at the Farm. They have one there just like this.
Could someone show me how to take pictures in movement that aren't blurry? I am talking to both of the photography Megan's in my life, or anyone else that knows!
Grandpa and Grandma think that Ella + Talia = true fun.
Ella and Talia think that the weekend at Grandpa and Grandma's + the swing = true fun.
I think that the weekend at home + a little date out with Bruce = true fun.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
Let's do math like this again soon, okay?


  1. this makes me smile. grandparents are wonderful! how special of grandma to get a swing.

  2. I want a tree swing for me! HA! Looks like tons of fun. That picture of Ella poking out from the tree is awesome!

  3. The photos show the fun! We are jealous! Nana and Papa

  4. Love the pictures of Ella and Talia. You need to make prints of those and hand them out! I want one of each!

  5. the easiest is your action setting....and then not moving and holding it down while they swing by.
    that is how i got the slip and slide shots.
    10 pics for one good one?
    is that what you were doing?

    i am no expert....someday i will be though...i hope.


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