Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Repost From June: Girls Day Out

Because Meg's family pictures are now up for all to see, I am reposting our day together where she let me be her personal stylist. Check out their pictures on her blog Whatever. Isn't she a hot mama?
Several months ago a good friend of mine asked if I would "style" her for an event that is coming up. You need only to ask me that question ONCE. Here we are posing in the dressing room.
You might know my friend. Her name is Meg. I call her Megan, and she calls me Kim. On occasion, we like to eat garlic mashed potatoes, candied carrots, and a side of rotisserie chicken while an all male band plays the Golden Girls theme song. I am not making this up. Who could make that up?

Thank you for being a friend,
Traveled down the road and back again.
 (at least that one stretch between OKC and Tulsa)
 Your heart is TRUE, you're a pal and a confident. 
(true that. true that.)
 And if you threw a party-, 
(what a party that would be!)
 Invited everyone you knew 
(that would seriously be a lot of people)
You would see the biggest gift would be from me 
(not likely the biggest, but very well thought out)
And the card attached would say thank you 
for being a friend. 
(and I love you more than a trip to Starbucks.)
The Original Golden Girls music was written by Andrew Gold.
The descant part was written by me....Just in case I was unclear.


  1. well....i wrote a big long comment and it said ERROR.
    anyway, it said something about you being fabulous and patient.
    and that i had sucha great time on our marathon shopping day.
    and thank you for knowing what i need when i need it.
    you are a blessing to me for sure.
    so happy that God sent you to me.
    you are my blanch devarow....or i the blanch devarow?!
    love you KIM.
    am i the only one who calls you kim?
    do you wish i wouldn't?
    too bad.
    it's kim forever.
    it just is.
    your next post needs to be a family ties or facts of life theme song.
    do it.

  2. Love it...Megan looks fabulous!!! Just have to say....the chick that did her make-up....I used to work with her at the Channel make-up counter at Dillards....I actually helped train her the summer before I went back to college....then she moved on to Mac a year or so later. You probably really didn't care, but just saw her face and had to mention it.

  3. nice work! meg looks smashing!
    where do i sign up for my make-over?! :)

  4. Found you through Ms. Deurksen's Happy Things List. And she was right, your post did male me happy. What a wonderful sense of humour. I love people who love to laugh. I was just thinking today, I don't have a shopping buddy...and low and behold here you are. So what if its through a blog? . . . much less expensive that way : )

  5. Great make up. Another big hit for Brooke.


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