Sunday, September 12, 2010

What I Love About Sunday: Getting Dressed

Ella has just started to dress herself on her own.

She still lets me choose what she's going to wear,
and I love that. 
I'm probably more thrilled to do it than I should be.

Talia not so much.

 I did let the little Rambo go to church with her hair done like this a few weeks ago.***
(She did it herself.)
There were a great cloud of witnesses. 
And they can testify.

***Screaming, Running, Naked Lesson 1,045: Choose your Sunday morning battles wisely so that you can still see what you love about the rest of the day.


  1. I think I was in the nursery that be honest, I thought you did her hair and thought how adorable it looked!

  2. Bruce and I had a good laugh when we saw the picture of Talia. We saw that look thirty years ago. Our daughter is now a mom with three children, and her youngest daughter gives her that look too! Kimberly, did you give your mom that look? Love-Janice

  3. Nice. I wish my girl would let me pick out her clothes. Nope. She wants to do it and sadly our tastes are polar opposite.

    I'm more the Rambo type. The Girl, not so much.

    Your girls are beautiful.


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