Friday, September 17, 2010

The Vintage Soiree

It's Arts and Crafts Fair Eve here in town. I've made it an official holiday by taking the day off from work. While I look forward to the Arts and Crafts Fair every year, it's the Vintage Soiree Sale that I look forward to the most. And it started at noon. I was there at 11:15. :)
What's The Vintage Soiree?
"The Vintage Soiree features affordable antiques, including painted furniture, primitives, repurposed items, home decor, architectural pieces, linens, dishes, vintage jewelry and clothing, books, and much more!"
You wanna get a little closer, don't you? I know you do.
Soiree means party. I'm so glad they didn't go with Vintage Fiesta.
 I guess that could be fun, too. Just a different flavor.
These are my friends Carisa and Debbie... you might remember 
seeing them when we all took
They make up two thirds of the trio of The Vintage Soiree. Debbie's sister Beth, who lives in Arkansas, makes up the other third. (We missed you today, Beth!)
I sat down to interview the girls this afternoon. I am not kidding. There were all sorts of interruptions and there were plenty of laughs, too.
Kimberlee: I know no one is going to see me, but I feel the need to put some lipstick on. (In case anyone cares, it was Mac Lustre.)
Carisa: Do I need to put some on, too?
K: No, you look great.
C: Well, I can tell there's still a little on there.
K: I sat on the piano bench to eat my lunch at my dining room table today. (I purchased it from the VS this morning)
Debbie: That piano bench is from my husband's family farmhouse.
K: No way! I like it even more.
C: Okay, before we turn the recorder on...
K: It's already on.
And then there was silence....for about one second.

I'm running short on time, here are the VS highlights.
---Carisa and Debbie met when they were both working for schools in the area and discovered they both had a similar decorating styles.
---They threw together a gourmet caramel apple booth for their first sale at a local Oktoberfest and made a whopping $75. 
---The VS has been hosting their sale on Friday and Saturday during the Arts and Crafts Fair for five years.
---They get a lot of their inventory from the curb. You know, people getting rid of stuff. Debbie's dad adds to their inventory from curbside Kansas City. They have also been known to do a little dumpster diving.
---The VS only sells things they love.
---They do the painting and their husbands make the repairs.
---The prices are reasonable. I don't know how to underscore this more. I asked them why they sell things for the price that they do. This is exactly what they said, "We try to price things based on what we would pay for them and at the heart...we are bargain girls." Well, I think they are bargain girls with a heart. Today, for example, you get ten percent off your purchase if you bring a can of food for our local food bank.
---Their next sale is in December.
---You can find them on Facebook under The Vintage Soiree.

If you're coming to the Arts and Crafts Fair tomorrow. Visit them. You can find them at 108 South Lincoln. Just one block east of downtown. Take Grand to Lincoln and turn right. 

The Vintage Soiree: it's thee party you don't want to miss.
Friday 12-6.
Saturday 8:00 am-mid afternoon.


  1. The Vintage Fiesta would be serving margaritas....we are thinking champagne is probably more in line with a Soiree, what do you think?

    Thanks for the amazing post, friend. I feel so loved.

  2. This looks like so much fun! Great job, ladies. I sure wish I lived close enough to check it out.

  3. This is a great post! Especially fun since I know the dumpster divettes! Now I am really sad that I missed it today!!! Tomorrow for sure!

  4. oh and thanks for a fun evening!!

  5. Why oh WHY is Chicago not next to Hillsboro?!

  6. I didn't know carisa did that - so cool! WIsh I could pop on down and come! Some year! Have fun with all the fun in the 'boro today!

  7. oh my! That is my kind of soiree. PLEASE bring me along next time. I'll bring coffee and donuts.

  8. i am so bummed i missed it!
    did you sell the iron bed carissa?


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