Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Chunky Monkey

I'm thinking a lot about Talia this age. She was ten months old.
She was a chunky monkey.
I miss those legs.
The rolls and the folds of those legs. 
Chubby feet not yet walking...
a strong upper body that could forgo a workout because she was all I needed to feel worked out.
I am thinking about her inflated ankles.
If I didn't know better, I'd think she wore rubber bands as anklets that had left their mark.
I am thinking about her first word and how it confirmed so much that was swirling around inside of me. And then the swirling stopped. And it landed.
"Ella," is the first word she said.
Some of you are wondering if I have "the fever"---the answer is no. 

Sometimes, it's helpful for me to look back and see the road I've walked. 
Sometimes it feels like I've walked it all barefoot.
I have been allowed to feel more of it than I would choose.
Someone once said that it's not until you look back that you see 
that you've been carried all along.
At nearly three years old, my monkey has lost her chunky.
I don't know why I am surprised that the One who has carried me all along 
knows how to swing through this phase of Talia's life. 
I may need to take a few motion sickness pills, though.
I'm getting a little dizzy.


  1. How fun to relive this day at the park!

  2. she was indeed a chunky monkey!

  3. Our daughter was like that! We called her the "Michelin Baby". Just in case you are too young, there was a commercial showing piles of tires stacked up and a pudgy person in the middle. Ha!

  4. We got Ella to smile for her picture today when we said, "Talia!" What a strong sister bond they must have!


  5. I had completely forgotten how chunky she was - oh the rolls...
    Well written and well said.

  6. kimberlee, this is so sweet. and you are one heck of a writer!

  7. Oh the chunkiness gives me baby fever! Don't want another one just want to munch on a baby at that stage!! Love it! -- So thankful God carries us!

  8. Holy Cow - she was huge! Eric and I got a good laugh about those pics in the swing.

  9. she was a big baby! you gave me the fever!!

  10. love it! nothing cuter than a chunky baby. :)


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