Thursday, September 2, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

My dad just returned from his mission trip to Haiti. 
Yesterday we got these in the mail.

I have no idea what you call them other than dolls, but I think they are beautiful. They are actually for the girls, but I have them up on my mantle right now because their heads are glass, or pottery of some kind, and I fear them getting shattered into a million pieces. We love them, Dad. I can't wait to talk to you about them, but for now just enjoy today and the next several days of vacation.

Today he and my mom are celebrating their 38th anniversary. 
They are headed to South Dakota. Romance in the Badlands. Was there a Harlequin romance novel by that same title? Not that I'd know, I read mostly nonfiction. I am certain that the characters weren't married 38 years, or 38 minutes for that matter.

 I love you way more than the 
10 cent coffee at Wall Drug, Mt. Rushmore, 
and Crazy Horse combined.
Happy Anniversary.

PS...I am beyond jealous that you are getting to see Pam and Alan and I am not. Love you guys!


  1. My parents are celebrating their anniversary today, too, Kim....55 years! We're lucky to have such great role models in our parents, aren't we?
    Tracy B.

  2. You have awesome parents! I loved your post today, Kimberlee!

  3. Did you say anniversary or birthday? your parents never age! I hope I look that good after 38 years of marriage!


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