Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Adios First Grade

Could somebody tell me where this past school year went?
I mean one minute I was planning my Back to School Coffee and the next minute I am cheering her as she strides into summer and then the second grade.
We started celebrating last night.
After school there will be a dance party in the living room, with an ice cream social to follow.

And pizza for dinner.

Hugs will abound.
And we will tell her how proud we are of her.
And over.
And over, again.

I am a happy mess as we check first grade off the list today.
Pass the kleenex, please.
Did I mention that we're proud of her?
4:05 pm...
Did I really just drive through town honking my horn with the windows open shouting, "SUUUUMMMMMMEEEERRRR"? Oh yes I did. And it felt great.


  1. Congratulations to your sweet girl on wrapping up first grade! I have a son who is finishing his last day of preschool today, ready to start Kindergarten in the fall! I know that this is off topic, but I'm trying to spread the word about a quilt raffle to raise money for Joplin, MO. If you know anyone who might be interested, please have them check out Dana's beautiful quilt at oldredbarnco.blogspot.com. Thank you!

  2. I am with you - where did the year go? And I could get completely emotional if I allow myself. I can still see E & F as little babies propped in the boppy next to each other.

  3. Hearing your voice of "summer" all the way here in Colorado. We're partying right along with you, even if we have been out since last Friday. Loving every minute of it!!!!!

  4. so funny!
    i will driving through like a funeral march......

    just kidding.
    it'll be fine.
    please tell me it will be fine.

    way to go ella.
    so happy that you all made it through!

  5. So sad I missed the 4:00 drive thru town! I would have honked right back at you.

  6. miss ella, a big 2nd grader!
    wowee wow wow!
    way to go ella!

  7. Oh my, your daugther is precious! I came over from I Heart Faces.

    So nice to meet you!!


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