Monday, May 9, 2011

A Mothers Day Gift For Myself.

I was at an auction with a friend on Saturday.
I wasn't going to buy her.
But then no one was bidding.
The auctioneer started with who knows how much.
Finally he said, "$15. Will anyone take her for $15?"
I couldn't leave her.
I could see potential.
Do you see it, too?
I dream of white.
Then gray.
Then change my mind to turquoise.
Any other suggestions?


  1. I saw turquoise as soon as I looked at it! :)

  2. turquoise! do it! white is clean and classic and i am fond of that look... but it's too expected. :)

  3. i wish i could "like" erica's comment!

  4. RED!!! It'd look great in all those colors!! What a find! I need to come shopping with you soon!

  5. when i look at the last picture i also see potential in black. sorry, last post, promise!

  6. oh i love the yellow! and i can 100% see why you couldn't leave her lonely. way too cute. total steal.

  7. I hadn't thought of gray when we saw it...I vote gray or turquoise! I still can't believe..only $15. Those are the kind of finds that I live for!

  8. What a steal of a deal!!! It will look great whatever the color . . . depending on what room you'll put it in . . i'd like turquoise/ grey / or even the yello!!! What a find!

  9. Did it come with a key for the drawers? What did they lock in those drawers? You know I think you should strip it completely.....

  10. i tried to leave a comment earlier, but it's not here. humph.

    for YOUR home, the beachy, calm, look you like...i would stay classic and go with a pretty cream or white, slightly distressed.

    if you want to be sassy, you could always change out the knobs for something turquoise or bright (anthro or hobby lobby). of course i think the crystal knobs are gorg but you probably already think so too.

    AWESOME find! happy mothers day, momma!

  11. white.
    then it can move from room to room to room.

    turquoise is good too.
    but not as versatile.
    i can't believe no one wanted that!!!
    i would have had to fist fight you for it.
    it would've been fight club right there in the 4H building.

  12. $15!? and nobody wanted that!? amazing. can't wait to see what you do with it! :)

  13. WOW...I can't believe not one person made a bid....I would have grabbed so fast. I love her, well I guess it's a she..hehehehe!

    Red is what I see! I can't wait to see what you do with her.


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