Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekend Happiness

I drove four hours south for a little R & R and spent the weekend with four great friends.
We've been doing this every May for at least five years.
No husbands.
No kids.
Only us, the pool, and too many peanut butter M & M's.
Sunscreen has never smelled so good to me.
Yoga pants, swimsuits, and minimal to none makeup is the standard wear.
Laying around. Doing nothing.
Asking each other questions. Conversing. And laughing.
Here is one of the questions that surfaced.
"If you could choose one luxury (money no object) what would it be?"
Mine would be a private jet.
And I'd let you use it. :)
Now tell me your luxury. I won't even make you share it with me.


  1. Easy ... a lovely (& spacious) beachfront home in Myrtle Beach, SC! Like you, I would gladly share it! You could fly down as often as you like! ;)

  2. I think that the luxury I would enjoy the most would be a personal chef. Having someone else decide what to make for dinner--that would make me a very happy woman!

  3. unlimited money to give away!

  4. since you already know my first choice, my second would have to be a lifetime supply of peanut butter m & m's.

  5. Just thought you should know...I think this is a fantastic picture.


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