Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Cutest Cookies Ever.

After spending the weekend with my girlfriends, I came home and saw these cookies on Facebook.
Joy's mother-in-law, Carol, works with me, and I've been a fan of both of them for awhile.
I emailed Joy as soon as I saw them and begged her to let me show you what she had done and she agreed! 
Because she's awesome like that.
They could be bikini's. 
So much fun for a pool party or a girlfriend weekend!
Does anyone have a personal shower to throw for a future bride? 
I wish I did. 
A little Vicky Secret and a little cookie.
Turquoise and red make me happy. Anybody else feel that way?

You'll be able to see these cookies a lot bigger (grrrr. blogger) if you click here.
While you're there check out the detail of the Dr. Seuss cookies, too. 
LOVED those. 
It's Tuesday.
Order some cookies.
Get cookie happy.


  1. Those are fabulous! If only we could have taken them this weekend.
    Red & Turquoise make me happy also.

  2. thanks for the kind words, Kimberlee! you are so nice to post my pics! I WILL get some cookies to you if it's the last thing i do:)

  3. Joy is really talented! I love red and turquoise as well:) I think I'd rather you share your cookies than your private jet....with me that is;)

  4. Hilarious cookies! Bruce is the cookie artist in our fam but I don't know if I would encourage him to use that design. Ha! Janice

  5. Joy is talented! I could never make a cookie look that good!

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  7. risque!!!

    and why does the post about shopping with me come up as one you'd like after those cookies?? :)

    cute cookies.

  8. Those are adorable. I needed those for my girls weekend! I'll definitely keep them in mind for future events!


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