Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tanya's Soup Kitchen

I was reunited with Tanya's Soup Kitchen today.
I use the word reunited because seven years ago Tanya closed her soup kitchen.
And seven years ago I cried when I heard she was closing.
Real tears.
Tanya was not a personal friend of mine, but her food was.
I felt ministered to every time I ate there.
Do you have anyone in your life that feeds you that well?
When I heard she was closing, I remember saying to Bruce, "Where are we going to eat now?" Did Tanya just break up with us?
I needed to talk this out. I needed to hear "it's not you, it's me" but that never happened.
And I have carried a torch of sorts for her food ever since.

Today, Tanya met folks at the door like she had done many times before.
She said she remembered me...okay, I forgive her. :)
She knew my friend Jana.
The tomato basil soup was better than I even remembered it.
And dessert...oh the dessert!
Tanya's bread pudding with the caramel sauce is legendary.
(Don't turn up your nose at bread pudding, people. This will change your mind.)
So, it's back on...
Me and Tanya's Soup Kitchen.
From the look of the line out the door this noon, it appears we're not exclusive.
And in this relationship, that's a good thing.
Tanya's Soup Kitchen
1725 East Douglas
Wichita, Kansas 67211
316-267-SOUP (7687)


  1. Where is this yummy soup kitchen? Thanks for the sweet words on my latest post.

  2. Soup & bread pudding .... awwww, comfort foods. So glad you & Tanya were able to pick up where you left off ;) Enjoy!

  3. I felt the same way! Lucky for me, Tanya catered MANY events for me in my previous job. I had the chance to work with her and eat her deliciousness many times a year. The tomato is amazing.

  4. I loved that place! Can't wait to experience it again!

  5. my office is relocating from downtown to the douglas design district and about one city block away from tanya's. the best part is, it will be on my walk home from work every day! this is a beautiful thing!

  6. yUM!!
    hi meg! hi jana!
    (and hello to you too kimberlee!)
    happy friday, y'all.


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