Monday, May 2, 2011

Sparks Antiques and Collectibles Flea Market

On Saturday, Megan, Carisa and I jumped in the van at 5:30 am and drove three hours to the Sparks Antiques and Collectibles Flea Market. We were meeting our friend Debbie there...along with 450 antique dealers.
(They do sell other stuff there, but we were primarily interested in antiques.)

Here is a glimpse of our day.

Can you see that this says $125?

The vacant buildings have "stores" in them during these four days.
This was my favorite building by far.
It used to be a grocery store.
 Real copper ceilings.
 And these built in shelves. Lovely.
But most of the shopping was under tents and in sketchy trailer homes, where at times we had to hold our breath There were still deals to be had in there so we braved them. And it paid off.

The pewter was marked down later in the day to half price.
We were at the sale on third of four days.

We also went to White Cloud, KS where there was another flea market.
White Cloud was very good to me.
Megan: I know I was suppose to crop you out, but the expression on your face
is very precious to me and must be shared.
The end.
I have been looking for Seamist Fiestaware forever.
I completely missed it when it came out and it's nearly impossible to find a set.
She named her price of $15 and I quickly agreed to give it to her because I couldn't even buy it new for that price when it came out.

I think I giggled all the way to the van.

We headed back to Sparks to drop off Debbie and take a "quick pic" of the four of us.
Is she the cutest pregnant woman ever?
That Debbie has style.
Notice this picture is terribly overexposed.
I should never be in charge of "quick pics".
Megan, that's your job next time.
Me---I look like a bald lady with no lips. Typical.
 Carisa, Megan, and Debbie
All gorgeous.

We got home around 8 pm.

Exhausted, but happy.
Wanna see what I bought?
White bassinet: $12.
Frame: $15.
Hat Box: $3
Fiestaware: $15.
Total: $45.

Where should we go next?
The Vintage Soiree is having their Spring Sale this Friday, May 6th.
See ya there. :)


  1. Looks like a ton of fun. I love the line up of dressers and cabinets, the white one, oh my.
    I have a frame almost exactly like yours but haven't found the perfect spot for it yet. I think yours would look fabulous 'framing' your hoop art.

  2. Ahhh! You were to crop me out of that picture Kimberlee! You know, the one where I look pregnant and and have a goofy look on my face while you are trying to contain you excitement over the fiesta wear!! Oh my. I love this post. These pictures really came together to depict our favorite the rainbow bread store :)

  3. Oohhh... I'm jealous! JJ and I were just talking about how we need to find out where the good flea markets are on OKC. This post makes me want to now more than!!!

  4. ooooooooh, so fun!!

    and sea mist. if you're looking for more (or any other color, for that matter), let me know. my mom and grandma are both dealers and both have garages full of it.

    next stop should be canton, tx. :) i'll meet you there.

  5. Ahhhh, Sparks. What a great memory! Thanks for documenting for me!

  6. very cute.
    very fun.
    my favorite thing to do is flea market.
    it's a verb to me.

  7. You would love the Farm Chick's Show then!!! It's in Spokane around Junish, maybe you should come up and we can go together:)

  8. i hate you.
    that's all.
    well not really.
    i love you.
    and i wish you lived closer.
    so we could flea market together.
    with meg too.
    and danielle.
    oh what fun!


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