Wednesday, October 27, 2010


This is a random post due to the pandemonium that is my life this week. 
1. I looked up the word pandemonium today. Half of the definitions fit. The two that talked about demons and hell do not.
2. Why the pandemonium? Let's just say that Bruce did get a SRN text today.
3. Talia changed clothes five times before 9 am. Just because.
4. We have one vehicle. Have I ever mentioned that before?
5. As I was pulling the last load of clean laundry out of the dryer today, Talia came and said that she went potty on Ella's bed.
6. We are/have seen a dentist, pediatrician, hairdresser, and an orthopedist this week.
7. I decided to squeeze a workout in this morning before 10. Not good for me. I can't breathe before 11. Not without diet Dr. Pepper anyways. What was I thinking???
8. I texted during sit-ups. I was lonely. I wonder if I'll still be sore tomorrow?
9. I thought a lot about your questions about Down syndrome. It's all kind of swirling around inside my brain yet. Is someone leaning on the panic button??? That someone is me.
10. Maybe my new word should be "Rant"-emonium. 


  1. kimberlee, i have to admit, those comments/questions you got about DS made me nervous!!! Wow. Some tough ones in there...(deep breaths).

  2. I have had a week of pandemonium too so I feel for ya!

  3. Glad I'm not alone with the diet soda. Cold coffee - that's what I tell people. I wish they served it free at church like they do coffee. I mean, those fountain machines would be a piece of cake!


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