Friday, October 1, 2010

Classic Fall Fashion

I haven't been shopping in awhile, but I've been window shopping online. I am finding many things to be happy about, and I'm looking forward to seeing what kinds of things people end up putting together this fall.

Here are eight things I'm loving.

1. If I could afford it, I could see myself getting this sweater from the Loft in every color. It's a classic and the price is great because you know you're going to wear it forever. I love the little buttons on the sleeves. I'm thinking I might get it in red and blueberry.

2. I am a sucker for a great dress. My only problem is that I have very few opportunities to wear one, so I rarely buy one. I could talk myself into this black beauty.

3. I love this polka dot skirt. It makes me think of a good friend of mine who can't get enough of polka dots. A well placed polka dot is fun, and never goes out of style.

4. I love this day dress from Old Navy. If you have a waist and a small upper body, this dress is for you.

5. Flats are as classic as it gets. Audrey Hepburn, Jackie O....they both loved a good flat. I think either one would be happy to wear this one from Old Navy.  I'd choose fuchsia.

6. I love a handbag that can withstand several years of wear and tear. I am willing to pay a little more, but not     a lot more, and a lot can be spent on a handbag. This pewter bag is more than I would normally spend, but I'm a sucker for a ruffle. I love this one. I think my sister should buy it. For me herself. :)

7. Every year I look at sweaters like this one. Am I old enough to wear one of these? My dad and grandpa used to have sweaters that hung on the back of their kitchen chairs ready and waiting at the end of a frozen Minnesota winter's day. I fear following in their footsteps if I had something so warm.

8. Last week it rained a bit here. I wished I had thesethose, or them. A great pair of all weather boots are on my fall list. I hope to find a pair that I can wear year after year.

Okay, I'm also intrigued by the jegging. They look like jeans who married leggings. Has anyone tried them on? I'm planning to. I'll let you know how that goes. I'm guessing I won't be adding them to a classic fall fashion list next fall, or to my closet. Maybe it's just me, but I doubt it's going to have any staying power. Sticking power, yes. Right to my legs.


  1. My 3 yr old looks adorable in her jeggings. Not sure I'm gonna match her with those this season. HA! I've been dreaming of a ruffle purse I saw at Kohls. I think it was Vera Wang. I think you should go for the piperlime boots - love them!!I treated my self to two of the Target rainboots when we moved to the Farm. Figured this city girl needed something cute to wear when I took out the trash or walked to the shed. HA! Your post makes me want to go shopping tomorrow.

  2. I have skinny jeans, but no jeggings. Love them with a fitted, long shirt. Goodness knows I've got way too much junk in the trunk to be wearing them without! :) Maggie rocks jeggings and they are SUPER cute on her. Maybe my daughter's fashion is inspiring me?

  3. i do have some jeggings. found them at maurices for a great price. i bought them a bit loose, who wants everything to hang out right? i LOVE them. way comfy and goes with EVERYTHING. you would look FAB in them kim. :)


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