Tuesday, October 5, 2010

At 7:56 this Morning

It started by me asking Bruce if he thought I could get Ella to take a picture in her new fall shirt.
I think she looks adorable, don't you?
Attention Old Navy, Ella would be happy  available to model for once you decide to get rid of that embarrassing mannequin campaign. And I think you should. Otherwise, I love you O.N.
Well, then Talia wanted me to take a picture of her in her outfit. Like I'd say no.
Her shoes are "new" from my friend Shawna's garage sale. Talia loves these.
Hello Kitty is quickly becoming a favorite around here.
Bruce came out and joined them, and we all got a little sillier. He can bring it like nobody else can.
And when he brings the silly, they fall in love with him more. I can see it.
Apparently, they fall in love with each other a little bit more, too.
Or, they are planning to ambush their dad later on today.
There isn't much more that can unify sisters in a moment than that.


  1. In awe of Talia's shoes, Gracelyn said (and I quote): "Those shoes are amazing!"

  2. Such sweet pictures! Your girls are adorable.

  3. I asked Ella today if she was wearing a new shirt and she said, "yes!" Thanks also for the WONDERFUL gift in my mailbox at school! You made my day! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  4. Ella looks fabulous in that green.
    And I absolutely LOVE the last pic of the two of them. Definitely framed photo material.

  5. that last picture melts my heart!
    and i love the green on ella!

  6. These pictures are simply adorable. They made me smile on an otherwise "smile-less" day.


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