Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Party People in the House

Talia is turning three in a couple of weeks, but some of our favorite people in the world (you know who you are) have big plans on her birthday and won't be able to join us. I'm old fashioned. I like to celebrate birthdays on the actual day. It might seem silly to some, but it was really hard for me to think about doing it on another day. I decided Talia might really like to have two birthdays...so I decided to get over it and have her party early.

She chose a Dora cake for the second year in a row. 
I did not make the cake. I don't do that... I'm great at ordering cakes.
 Fruit punch in fancy glasses. Straws add color and fun...
and keep those fruit punch mustaches away.
 It's hard to keep the cheese puff mustache away though...but who cares? 
It's her party and she'll wear a cheese puffed mustache if she wants to!
Ella...she's the cake boss. 
I cut her off after three pieces.
She wanted more. 
I said no.
I'm mean like that.
Presents followed cake. Who looks the most excited about presents? 
Don't worry Uncle Travis does presents for sisters, too. 
I love that about him.
Yes, I am looking for a new wall color. Any suggestions?               

 We love it that Great Grandma lives so close to us. Isn't she beautiful?
 For the present finale, Talia had to close her eyes.
Hello Kitty, love.
We had to shed the dress. The birthday girl was frustrated by it, but not for long. 
This is Bruce's twin brother, Travis. I'm not sure I've ever mentioned that Bruce has a twin?
Talia rode the high of the day by skipping her nap and then crashing 
on her dad's lap in the early evening.
It was a lovely day.
And the best part?
We get to do it again.
Two birthdays?
I'm in. Totally in.


  1. great grandma is a true beauty. loved all the pictures! is hello kitty the new thing? we're not in that phase yet.

    hayden is also having two birthday parties this year - maybe even three. one of which we sure hope talia can come to! pizza anyone?

  2. We always have more than one birthday party for our boys. With their birthdays exactly two weeks apart we celebrate with each of them on their birthday and then have a joint party the week in between (usually on my sister's birthday). Three cakes in three weeks...Ella would love it! I do too, but the scale doesn't.

  3. We have at least 2 birthday parties with our kiddos. We always celebrate as a family on the actual day and then a family party on the weekend....and sometimes a friend party. We love birthdays at our house!!! I think every little girl has to have a Dora party...Reese had one at 2. Love the last picture with Talia sacked out....so cute.

  4. so cute! no idea bruce had a twin. so fun that he could come and even got ella a gift. what an uncle! LOVE the hello kitty bike! i may be copying you next year for dillyn. :)

  5. It's wonderful you still have Great Grandma! Your little one looks all pooped out after a great day:)

  6. The picture of Talia and great grandma is priceless! I love the expression on both of their faces!

  7. How fun. I'm with you on the "actual day" celebrating. No matter how many parties we have before the day, ON the day we have to do something to celebrate!! We just had a party for Taters this past weekend but we'll be partying again on the day and then two days after the day again. I guess we are party people!

  8. hello kitty!!
    who wouldn't love that?
    that looks like a fun day.
    and a happy girl.

    ps...your email didn't work again. try the other.
    dumb MAC

  9. now that looks like my kinda party!
    cheese puff mustaches, fancy glasses and pink straws, dora and hello kitty.
    and three helpings of cake...oh miss ella and i would get along fabulously!

  10. I am sure that "grandma" pic will be treasured for years to come! Love that big girl bike! You know scraped knees follow! Love, Janice


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