Friday, October 22, 2010

Link to Sweater Pillow Tutorial

Okay, I am running out the soon as I post this. I've gotta get to work. Good thing I'm the boss. I should fire me for pushing it this close.

Click here for the cable knit sweater tutorial. It's a guest post by Emily from Jones Design Company. Love her. I read whatever she posts. She makes me wish I had long red hair, and that I lived in Seattle.

And just in case you didn't hear, I tried on a jegging yesterday and the answer is no. No way. Not ever. No.
Happy Friday!


  1. i had to google jeggings. how did i not know of these? probably because fitting into them will never happen in my lifetime.

  2. Sweet! Now maybe I can make my mom one for Christmas without her knowing because I have to ask her how to do it. :)


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