Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I Like Shoes

I like shoes, but I don't like spending a lot of money on them.
I'm on budget.
I still like these.
I should be looking at workout shoes.
I need to kick my old shoes to the curb.
I don't like spending money on shoes to sweat in.
Since I have flat feet (thanks, Dad) I need good shoes, or my entire body aches after a workout. 
Finish Line
I want to spend my money on these instead.

Old Navy
So, this is what I really want to know (because I don't need help with the want list):
1. Do you budget for workout shoes?
2. Where do you shop for them?
3. What pair are you wearing these days?


  1. Oops. I posted on your facebook. Teeehhhee.

    I wish I had cash to budget for shoes. I'm in the process of purging adorable shoes that I cannot wear due to a cyst in my toe. I'm now left with Hippy clogs (which I adore), Crocs (which are terribly worn out), and a pair of extremely loose boots. I'm saving my "earth" shoes in the hopes that the cyst will disappear.

    I tend to shop online at and Ebay. I've gotten some really sweet deals at both places.

    -Kelly (Galving) Sadler

  2. I'm glad you asked! I just bought new running shoes yesterday actually, because my old ones started giving me blisters. Apparently two years of running three or four times a week in them was a bit too much. :) I guess now I'll have to keep track because apparently you're only supposed to wear running shoes for about 500 miles. Anyway, I wear Asics Gel-Foundation 9. But if you go to and use their shoe dog fetch it will walk you through finding the right workout shoes for you and your budget.

    Incidentally, after spending about a month driving myself (and my husband) crazy searching the internet for the perfect pair of tall boots I finally ordered these last week:

    I can't wait until they come!!!

  3. sorry Kim, if I could have passed grandma Krienke's feet to you I would have. I did give you the best I had. Love dad

  4. Ha, dad! I can just hear you saying this comment. :)

  5. I find a shoe I like and then I order the older model on and if you are diligent, you can get a really good the new model is coming out they get rid of the old. I used to do this with all the ASICS I wore. I'm currently in Brooks (Adrenaline) and they got me through the 13. I was really happy with the Salina Running Company and their analysis of my foot and what I most needed in a shoe. Prices were the same as anywhere else, but they were really knowledgeable, and you know I appreciate that. I don't blink an eye spending money on running shoes because I am going to literally wear the soles off of them.

    i think you already knew everything i just told you.

  6. I got my last pair of running shoes in Wichita at First Gear
    They know what kind of shoe you need by looking at your feet. I haven't had any foot problems since I got my new shoes - totally recommend it but plan to spend around $100 :)

  7. Ryka Shoes ( Shoes made just for women. Love them - my mom got them for me. That's my kind of budget. HA!

  8. My husband and I heard of a wonderful place called Road Runner in San Diego. They are online too. What they do is have you walk over a mat that takes an image of your foot. That way they are able to bring out the perfect shoe. I can tell it is has been a Gift of God to know about this place because we have no foot problems with their shoes. Our pastor told us of the store.

  9. I hear you on the flat feet. I only buy good shoes. They may lack style much of the time, but in my opinion comfort is more important. Especially after my broken ankle.

    You've got small feet so the clearance rack should be ripe fore the picking....not the case when you get to size 10. I went to Towne West and had really good service at the shoe store next to Bath & Body. I wasn't willing to pay $200 for athletic shoes so I searched eBay until I found the same pair for $70. They are Asics Kinsei 3. I've heard the NB store at 13 & Webb gives good advice, I've never liked that brand because of the arch. I think Tonya was talking about it.

  10. Not sure if you read my favorite thing friday a year ago, but our favorite running shoes are Asics GT-2100. Derrick likes to buy his new off of ebay. Its the only kind of workout shoe we both wear.
    Love all of those other pretty shoes. I'll be looking at your feet the next few times I see you.

  11. I have plantar fasciitis and if I don't wear really, really good shoes it flares up. It is so painful that I will do anything to prevent it. Like spend a lot of money on my sneakers. I go to a full service shoestore called Active Soles and they have people who know shoes, who know feet, and who know what I need.

    They actually measure both feet, listen to what I need, make several recommendations, let me try on as many shoes as I want, and make me feel like they care. I usually end up with New Balance ( they are made in the USA, yay!). I went last week and bought a new pair. Cost me $99.99 and it is worth every penny. I use them both for my everyday sneaks and workout sneaks.


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