Monday, October 25, 2010


It's Down syndrome awareness month.
Have I ever mentioned that Ella has Down syndrome? Ha.
I've taken to calling her Ella Wintour.
I'm sure Ms. Anna would be mortified by the jelly stains
on her Gymboree pa-ja-mas.

I have wondered what I should be saying, if anything about Down syndrome awareness month. So this got me thinking...

Perhaps some of you have questions about Down syndrome, or about Ella specifically. And maybe you'd be too embarrassed to ask me, or anyone else. Maybe you think that your question might seem a bit silly or offend me. I don't want you to think for a minute that it would. Bruce and I didn't know one person with Down syndrome before we had Ella, so we've been there. We've asked lots of questions. We still have questions.

So, for this post, if you have a question about Down syndrome, or Ella specifically, I'd like to ask you to comment anonymously. I'll close the comments on Wednesday sometime.

I can't wait to see how we can all become more aware.
The comments are now closed. I'll have a post, or two, or three answering these questions in the near future.


  1. Are there different kinds of Down Syndrome or different levels of severity? If so, what kind does Ella have?

  2. What sorts of things have people said to you (well meaning) that just end up hurting your feelings? And are there things that people say that are actually offensive to you (well meaning or not...)

  3. How do you explain Down Syndrome to Ella?

  4. does it ever overwhelm you or bruce to know you may never experience empty nesting?

  5. How do explain Down Syndrome to Talia?

  6. I'm a 41 1/2 year old woman contemplating my second child. Should I be worried enough about Downs Syndrome to factor that into my decision?

  7. Ella is beautiful. Jelly stains and all.

  8. Does Ella even realize she is different than other kids? Does she ever use it to her advantage?!

  9. The title of this blog post is "Awareness." By increasing awareness among your family and friends, what is the #1 thing you hope will change about the way they speak/think/act about Downs Syndrome?

  10. What are your expectations and dreams for Ella's life?

  11. Did you know she had Down's Syndrome before she was born? What was your reaction when you found out?

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