Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Which is Which? {Happy Birthday}

Happy Birthday to my husband Bruce and his brother, Travis.
Care to guess which is which?
I'll tell you tomorrow.
When I do a long catch up post.
It feels like forever since I've been here with you.
And I miss you.
But today I'm wrapping gifts and eating cake.
You know, important stuff.
See you soon.


  1. was this picture taken ON their birthday? because they don't look thrilled. love your new festive header. IEP today at 9. which is why i'm up at 5:36 "preparing" errr um reading blogs?? miss you, too!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Jost Twins! We all have our guesses over here.

  3. Hey there miss Kimberlee!
    Happy birthday to your TALL hubby. :)
    Did you make him the pb cake?
    So jealous.

    Just catching up on all of your happenings.
    Feeling a little sad that I won't be at Craft Weekend #2.
    Hope all is well, friend.
    Miss you!


  4. hmmmm, i'll guess he's the one in the maroon turtleneck with blond hair!

  5. Scott and I both vote left is Bruce, Trav is on the right. Fun game! Happy Birthday, guys!

  6. Jason is guessing Bruce is on the right (when looking at the pic) and Travis is on the left. Hmmm. I have no idea.
    CUTE picture!!! i'm wondering if they can tell who is who? My boys always guess the other sibling is them in pics of them age 3 down. Funny, that's what they always saw I guess so they figured it was them. ha.


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