Wednesday, November 23, 2011

30 Thankfuls

In no particular order...
Here is my thankful list.
Bruce, Ella and Talia are a given.
Here are the next 30 lovelies that came to my mind after them...

 1. Greek yogurt. Why has this only come into my life in the past year?
 2. Ella's "Morning, Mom" every. single. day.
 3. Friends who know when your love tank needs to be filled up.
 4. Texting.
 5. Long sleeved t-shirts from the Gap.
 6. Candy corn.
 7. Peanuts.
 8. Candy corn mixed with peanuts.
 9. Ruffles
10. Sonic happy hour.
11. Skype
12. The smell of Ella and Talia's heads right after a bath.
13. Chicken Caeser Wraps with croutons.
14. Adele.
15. Peanut butter.
16. Chocolate.
17. Peanut butter dipped in chocolate.
18. Heated mattress pads.
19. Mulled cider candles from the Wal-Marts. :)
20. People who laugh easily
21. the Message Bible
22. Helium.
23. Limes mixed with Dr. Pepper
24. Fireplaces lit.
25. Nutella
26. White sandy beaches
27. Cartwheels in the living room
28. Books
29. Etsy
30. My Pastor and his Wife.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you wherever you are reading this.
What kind of lovely are you thankful for this year?


  1. #31 a drinking partner. hahaha. just kidding!

  2. Love the first picture of you & your cute family! Great list, Kimberlee!!! happy Thanksgiving to you!

  3. Kimberlee, I just love your blog. You're always so lovely, gracious & inspirational. Like you, I've got much to be thankful for as well, not the least of which -> yesterday, the DIL had an US & we learned that another grandgirl is on the way in April ... that makes four! Oh my! Looks like this momma of two sons, is destined to be surrounded by precious giggling girlies. Wishing you & yours a wonderful Thanksgiving from me & mine! Have a great day my friend :)

  4. you have such a beautiful family.
    i'm thankful for your "virtual" friendship. :)

    ...aaaand, i'm stealing this

  5. I so love your list -- we have so much in common -- candy corn, peanuts; candy corn and peanuts to name a few. ) I wish you were one of my neighbors. :)

  6. What a beautiful little family you have! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I just wanted to let you know that I tried your recipe for Crock Pot Italian Chicken with Potatoes and my family LOVED it. I shared the recipe on my recipe blog Cupcake Diaries. Thanks for the awesome recipe! (And thanks from my husband and son as well!!) :) Alli -

  7. Is Ella's hat an arts & crafts fair find? My sister came back from the fair with one that looks exactly like that for my baby girl.

  8. Oh my. I haven't stopped by your blog in so long. . . You girls are growing but just a sweet looking as ever. What a wonderful family to be thankful for.


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