Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Baby Names {we are not having a baby}

Talia brought home her singing assignment for the 
preschool Christmas program last week.

All of these wonderful names caught my attention even though naming 
anything (including a dog, apparently) is not in my future. 
I just love to name people.
And dogs.
And cars.
 I love finding out what someone has named their newborn.
Don't you?
That was my favorite thing about being pregnant...the thrill of talking names. 
So if you're talking baby names, I'm just a wee bit jealous. 
Not jealous enough to get pregnant, but all too eager to play the name game.

Let's start with girls...I could kick myself now, that I never had a Meryl. I know. I know. You're thinking Meryl? Yes, as in Streep. I had a Grandpa named Merrill, and he would have loved having a great granddaughter named after him. 
I also currently love Dane (the spelling would change)and Anya.

Boy names have always been tough for me, but as soon as we found out we were having girls, I didn't give much thought to them. Bruce tried to talk me into Axel during both of my pregnancies.  I finally got so worried about his obsession for the name (Axl Rose) that I made him promise me that if I died in childbirth, Talia's name would not be Axel. 
He was that serious about the name---boy or girl.
But today...if I had to choose a boy name...maybe Axel. 
I kind of like it now. 
It's grown on me.
But don't tell Bruce. 
 Because seriously...
I couldn't pull the trigger and give the name Axel to any... 
Sweet Child of Mine.
Maybe I could have a... 
Sweet Dog of Mine.
Most likely the name Axel is perfect for that...
 Sweet Van of Mine.
Nothing says "Take me home" like a van named Axel, does it?
That's what I thought.


  1. oooh, ooooh! I am first, I am first! You know what I mean :)

  2. too fun! we are expecting our baby girl to arrive any day now and our top two names are Julia and Maisie.

  3. its funny how names can change depending on who you know with those names. after my first year teaching preschool, I swore I would never have a little girl named Madison (there were 3 in my class)! And 4 years later, we are in the process of trying to adopt a little girl named Maddison- who would have thought!

  4. Feel free to post more girl names....I have nothing and I need one! Not Axel though :)

  5. I love thinking names! I do it all the time....I would have to have 20 children to use them all up! I have lists in my desk drawer...when I need a little mental break at school that is what I do...come up with names!

  6. Oh,oh,oh,oh....sweet child of mine! (Thanks for the "song suggestion" which will be my internal soundtrack for the day!) If Logan had been a girl, he would have been either Carina or Anneka. I love both of those names! I also liked Catera...but there was a car named that when Jade was born! I share your name-hobby (but I have a lot of animals I can name, should I choose to!)

  7. I so remember our "Axel" and "Elway" conversations after Ella and my "Big D" were born:)

    Mrs. B.

  8. I am OBSESSED with baby names. OBESESSED.
    Whenever a friend or co-worker is pregnant, they know to call me or email me to discuss baby names. Love, love, love it!!!! And, I am all about the meanings of names. I posted about my girls meanings a few years ago:

  9. There is a character named Axel on the show, The Middle. Might change your mind about Axel ;-)

  10. love the referrence to the song,made me smile. thanks

  11. yay! i love it. i get to work with pregnant mommies every day and totally share this love with you! :)

  12. You're funny! And those are neat names (my cousin is expecting)...thanks for sharing!!

  13. This post took me back 32 years when the hubs & I were throwing around names for our firstborn. You know, way back then, you had to have two names ready because there was no US tech ready to reveal the sex of your baby ... we relied on things like heart rate (fast for girl, slow for boy), old wives tales & gut instinct! Any way, Bruce's love of all things Axl made me laugh because my hubby loved cars & actually suggested (& was totally serious) about naming a boy "Duster" (after his beloved green '74 Plymouth) and "Camaro" for a girl (after his then, newly acquired 'love' he bought shortly after we wed) ... we had a boy & decided on 'Joshua Isaiah' ... but I'm telling you if I had given one inch my oldest would have been named "Duster Allen Dial" (which makes me giggle now!) ... thanks for sharing my friend, I hadn't thought of that in years & years :)

  14. Axel is kind of a cool name! I am obsessed with naming ALL things, and apparently that naming gene is one that can be passed down, because Leila does the same thing. I had Leila's full name before Tony and I were even married.

  15. We are solidly in the baby name search and struggling! We just can't agree...and we need boy and girl names as we don't find out the sex.

  16. My niece is named Meryl. My other niece (Meryl's sister) is named Piper! They are adorable!


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