Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ten on Ten: November 2011

I nearly forgot about Ten on Ten today.
Here are ten random shots from my day.
This tree is in our is the glowing highlight of every day right now.
Public apologies to my massage therapist, who nearly broke her thumbs
trying to get the tension out of my right shoulder blade this morning.
I met a friend for lunch.
Which was followed by a meeting at school. 
We nearly locked up the place.
Then, we were greeted by the moon.
I am very sorry that this picture doesn't do it justice.
It was a gift to see it tonight.
I always wonder if either of my girls will ever be able to look their Dad in the eye...perhaps if he's sitting down.
My kids will not remember much of their life before the iPad...I remember when I learned this new thing called "E-mail".
This craft is from preschool today. The first time I saw it, I read, 
"We are His Helpers."
It's good to be home.
Kickin' up my feet in my $3 boots from a local thrift store.
This picture is for my brother in law who said upon seeing these for the first time, "You're really going to wear those?"
All. Day. Long.

Happy 10th, all!


  1. Looks like it should be

    Happy Tenth, y'all.


  2. I think we locked up the school was dark when we left. Love all your pictures! I always look forward to the 10th since Maddox's birthday is the tenth of August.....Happy 10th!!!

  3. I spaced. And Kim even reminded me last night. SO SO sad. I LOVE that moon picture. I think it's beautiful. And that tree???! Amazing. Miss you, friend.

  4. great set, i love your pictures! gorgeous red tree and yes, the moon was beautiful tonight! : )

  5. So many things to say.
    1. That calendar shot makes me jealous.
    2. I love your boots.
    3. I thought the same thing about the moon tonight...a gift to see it.
    4. What I'd do for a massage...

    Love your pictures!

  6. Wish i had a full shot of you today....cause i know you were rockin' those boots!!!! love you!

  7. OH, those boots are awesome!
    That tree is AMAZING! Wow.
    Hugs to you sweet lady!

  8. I just love your post. Everything about it. I always need to apologize to the poor soul who gets to give me a pedicure. Those boots rock. Your brother in law sounds like MY brother. Happy weekend.

  9. Beautiful tree and awesome boots!! That is the sweetest picture of the girls around their Daddy's legs and some day I WILL go to Craft Weekend:) Thanks again for the email and your prayers:)

  10. You got the iPad! Way cool, huh? Let me know if you want the low-down on any apps. I might know something useful :)

  11. such beautiful little moments of the every day.
    love that

  12. I love your Ten on Ten! Look forward to it every month!

  13. LOVe your set of pics.
    LOVE your thrifted boots. You better wear those cute babies all. day. long. Men, what do they know?? ;)
    I love the composition of the first picture.
    and the moon pic is still very beautiful.
    I just had a massage too. same problem, right shoulder blade area = disastrous.
    happy day to you!

  14. Love them. You are getting some mad photography skills girl!

  15. hehe....I love $3 cowboy boot awesomeness and dumbfounded BIL's. That gave me such a chuckle.

  16. loving the boots.
    i am always on the lookout for thriftstore cowboy boots.
    i feel like they are the only ones that would have character.

    well done! :)

  17. fabulous boots lady.
    i bet you had a lovely lunch with that friend.
    life before the ipad.
    so true.
    remember keyboarding class...on typewriters!!!

  18. Love that pic of the girls looking up at Bruce. Pretty sure my girls will be in the same boat!

  19. Is it really possible to harm your massage therapist? Oh my, that never entered my mind ... perhaps I should rethink that massage! LOL (Love the boots!)

  20. Those boots are amazing! I have terrible thrift store luck!


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