Thursday, November 3, 2011

It's Just Sleep.

This morning I read this post by my friend, Anna...I'm not sure if you remember her, but I'll bet you remember Blake. 
She and Jerad are overseas right now waiting to officially become Blake's parents.

They are asking for prayer:
Tomorrow at 11:30 am (4:30 am central time) we will petition to the court to be named Blake's parents.  We ask for you to pray for the Holy Spirit's presence in this time, for His will to be done.  For our words to speak to these people, to this country that every child deserves a family.  No matter what their race, color, or disability.  Pray that the court's decision is favorable upon us.  Pray that we can be transparent in this setting as God's hand moves over the hearts in the people in this court room, as He glorifies Himself.  Pray His love will shine through.  Pray that the judge finds it in her heart to grant us the 10-day wait as just that...10 days in a row, including weekends.  Different regions follow this 10-day wait rule differently.  I would love to be able to bring our son home before Thanksgiving, if it is in God's timing and will for us.  So please pray. 

Tomorrow morning, I will be getting up to pray at 4:00 am to pray on their behalf. 
This afternoon I started wondering if any of you would be willing to give up some sleep and get up and pray, too. I'm not asking you to come over to my house, although you can if you want to! 
I'm asking you to set your alarm to wake up early and pray. 
I don't care where you live... 
Together we can pray in one Spirit and plan our naps later.
We will, won't we?


  1. Great idea!!! I will join you....only I will be at my house in my jammies!!! I am so excited for them!!

  2. I'm so happy for your friend, and for little Blake. They will be in my prayers too.

  3. this is a wonderful, powerful idea.
    consider it done.

    love your heart, kimberlee.
    anna is lucky to have you as a friend!

  4. Brian just set the alarm for 2am. We will join you in prayer.

  5. ahhh. i'm just catching up so i missed this. but i'll be praying right now!! so exciting!! :)

  6. Oh my goodness! I have goosebumps and tears reading this now, knowing Blake is our son, and that we petitioned that court with no fear, fright, or nervousness, it was amazing how calm we felt as we answered questions and proved to them how much love we have for this child!! I know it was because of people like you all...the only way to explain blessed!!


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