Wednesday, November 9, 2011

C'mon Get Happy {the Happy Day project}

Monday and Tuesday were filled with hard things for several friends close to me.
I spent time listening.
I spent time hearing their hearts.
When I was with them, I was really with them.
I thought of very little else...The Happy Day Project had been derailed.
Or, had it?

No, I didn't bake anything on Monday.
My baking time was spent showing someone how much I loved them by saying very little, but spending time with them.

No, I didn't write a handwritten note on Tuesday.
Instead, I sat down with a friend to hear her heart.

Today I baked some goodies for our neighbors. {Monday's project.}
I sat down and wrote a handwritten note to someone who has been on my mind for months. {Tuesday's project.}
And I watched a friend's baby whose regular daycare provider is on vacation.
When my friend asked me if she could write me a check for watching her baby for the day, instead of taking the money and running off to buy myself a new shirt like I usually do, I asked her if she would make a donation to Compassion International as payment. She was more than happy to do so! {Wednesday's project.}

There are opportunities to do good everywhere.
When we do them, we get happy don't we?
If you want to do something to make a difference, but need a little direction, check out the Compassion Christmas Catalogue. It's filled with all sorts of things to meet the needs of people all over the world, and it's fun to look through!

More Happy Day projects to come...but first a little Partridge Family because I've been singing this song all week.


  1. The picture of your girls playing with the baby just melts my heart!

  2. i love that you aren't stopped by it all lining up perfectly on the right day.
    taking your example.
    thank you friend.

  3. yep.
    you are right.
    opportunities to do good everywhere.
    convicted of that before i even started.

    but God is using that.
    and this post.

    thanks for sharing your heart today friend! <3

  4. oh.
    i really really really love your heart.
    thank you for being selfless.
    and the school picture in the next post of your girl? had me giggling out loud. love it.

  5. Loved the treats - you guys are awesome was a definite bright spot in our day! So, I'm all for the happy project, love the idea of it.

  6. Desperately need recipe for candy corn concoction!!! :)
    P.S. Love the Partridge Family. David was one of my childhood crushes. :)


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