Saturday, November 12, 2011

Anything But Strong

Talia was happy to see Saturday come.
She wasn't alone.
When I woke up this morning I sort of exhaled.
I had the kind of week where there were several days in a row that I couldn't make sense of anything.
In my weakness He is strong.
 I couldn't express myself well. In my weakness he is strong.
I knew what I was trying to say. In my weakness he is strong.
I certainly knew how I felt: tired, weak, anything but strong.
 I couldn't get my thoughts and emotions to present themselves into anything anyone else could understand.
This morning I woke up and still felt weak. In my weakness he is strong.
But I was at peace.
I laughed so much today.
I cooked and prayed.
 And ate by candlelight.
I am held together by His strength when nothing, including me, makes sense.
That realization was the gift of this Saturday.
He is far too good to me.


  1. Beautifully written, Kimberlee.
    Beautiful pictures, too. :)

  2. Well said ... you're right ... "In my weakness, He is strong" & I'm grateful. Thank you for sharing :)

  3. Thank you for sharing -- encouraging words for another soul who has felt anything but strong this week.

  4. God is good. So, so true. Thank you for sharing this. I am wrapping you in prayer today.

  5. I don't know what you are walking through girl but I relate. Thanks for sharing with words and pictures.

  6. SO relieved to hear that you laughed today! Laughter is healing. Great post!

  7. Cooking and praying-my favorite combo! Sending prayers your way! Love, Janice

  8. i am so very much sharing that same space with you right now!
    and like you, feeling so blessed and grateful at the same time...for it is in my struggling that i am able to truly be present in the life and struggles of Jesus Christ, and it leaves me forgetting a bit about my own hardships, and overwhelmed by the goodness that i know will come out of this all.

    and like you, a little cooking and praying goes a really long way...

    thanks for the inspiration this morning.

  9. Well this post resonated and brought me to tears for sure. I too haven't been able to make sense of much lately and tough times with our son has really taken a toll... I don't cook but also try to find moments to pray and find peace. I know he is with me. I sometimes just can't find him in the moment...

  10. My heart goes out to you friend. I had this same kind of week. I didn't even blog much.

    Wish you lived down the street so I could bring you a treat and make you laugh.

    HOpe this week is better.

  11. I absolutely loved that post. Everything about it. I hope you are refreshed and having a better week.

  12. This is a beautiful post, my friend!

    Hoping this week is a wonderful one. Big hugs to you!!


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