Sunday, November 6, 2011

Right now...

Right now I'm...
watching: Give Me the Banjo on PBS with my father in law.
drinking:...water with lots of ice.
wearing: a lavender v-neck tee and skinny jeans
listening: to Talia scream at squirrels in the backyard.
avoiding: meal one's eating anyways these days
wishing: that I were in Portland right now
feeling: excited about this.

missing: the guy whose name rhymes with goose.
thankful: for long showers, lively conversation, and strong coffee
craving: pumpkin cheesecake
wondering: what Christmas will bring
weather: 65 degrees and gorgeously sunny.
praying: for Blake (he's officially part of the Woods family!), Rachel, and my friend Carol.
needing: a massage.
thinking: iphone....which gig to get?
dreaming: same as above...
loving: Ella's mad puzzle skills.

See you tomorrow for The Happy Day Project!
Happy Sunday, friends.


  1. Happy Day dear friend!

  2. Love this Right Now idea. I have to try this on my blog!!! Thanks for sharing. You always have such fun and inspiring things to read.

    Are you in the throws of CW???? :)

    So sad I won't be there. But so excited for you and the new crew.


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