Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Week that Was.

I spent two glorious days with my mother in law in Kansas City on our almost annual shopping trip. We couldn't get our schedules to coordinate last year, so in my mind that means we get two more days this year, right?

I purchased my first pair of Toms shoes.
Wanna see?
Toms make me happy.
It's buy one, give one.
What's not to love about that?!
Friday afternoon it poured down rain.
We thanked God for it, and wondered how we would explain to our girls that we would not be going to the fair if the rain continued.
By 7 pm, it was completely dry, so we slapped on our $15 wristbands and walked down to the fairgrounds.
Ella favored the slide. That's code for: She didn't want to do anything else.
So down she came. Over and over and over again. I'm guessing she went up those stairs at least 15 times.
And down again, with pretty much the same expression every time. She LOVED it.
When Ella was done with the slide, she was D-O-N-E with the evening, so Bruce took her home.
Talia and I stayed on for awhile longer.
Four hours longer.
She wanted to squeeze the life out of her "all you can ride" wristband.
And I wanted to help her achieve her goal.
She rode with her friends mostly.
But I braved the ferris wheel with her.
And I hate the ferris wheel.
Give me a nice safe roller coaster where I am strapped in over this thing that you basically dangle in by who knows what?!
I think Tal was a little nervous, too.
It probably didn't help that I asked her repeatedly to hold my hand so that I wouldn't freak out, and in the end we both had fun up there.

We walked home hand in hand around 11 pm exhausted and happy.
I said, "You know what I loved about tonight? Riding the ferris wheel with you."
Talia said, "And you know what I loved about tonight? Riding the carousel with you. I love you, Mommy."
I said, "And I love you."

I'd say that buying the "all you can ride" wristband was the best money I spent this past week.


  1. I'm coveting those wedges, too cute! Looks like a fun time was had by all at the fair :)

  2. One of my most favorite posts.....because those are the cutest TOMS i've ever seen, but mostly because these are some of the BEST pics ever. Love the colors, love the expressions, love the girls in them!!!!! And, love the hot mama standing at the top of the hot pink slide!:)

  3. i am totally on ella's schedule with the fun slide over and over.

    but then i saw the swings pic...i'd have to do that too...

    and the ferris wheel would be totally worth it after a comment like that.

    you are a great mama.

  4. Looks like you all had lots of fun! That seriously is probly the prettiest fun slide I have ever seen at a carnival lol. Happy Monday! :)

  5. love the wedge toms. love the slide pics. her face says a million words. HATE the ferris wheel.

  6. Definitely the best $ you've spent ... BRAVO my friend! :) (PS: I'm soooo NOT a fan of the ferris wheel either!)

  7. ella, your smile could light up the sky.
    talia, your flushed little cheekers remind me of your momma.
    kimberlee, i miss you.

  8. I just found your blog, and I love it!

    And we are kindred spirits on the ferris wheel/roller coasters. Hate the ferris wheel, but love the coasters. The faster and more upside down the better!


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