Thursday, July 14, 2011

Right Now....

Right now I'm...

watching: Julie and Julia, for the 20th time. 
 And now I'm inspired to learn French. (for the 20th time)
Do any of you speak French?
Would anyone want to teach me?
eating: Generic Oreos.
drinkingdiet dr. pepper with lemon instead of lime ...changing it up today.
wearing: a pink tank top and workout shorts, workout needed.
avoiding: the phone
missinga gift card from my birthday. I even dug through our dumpster this morning looking for it. Trash smells really really really bad when we've had days and days of 100 plus degree heat. 
thankfulfor friends with in ground swimming pools who let me float for a few hours. I'm also thankful for friends who will lounge with me.
weathercloudy and only 92 degrees.
prayingfor Ella's second grade year. She'll have a different teacher, different para, and a different special education teacher. That's a lot of change for her.
needinga neck massage.
thinkingI wonder what I'm going to feed everyone for dinner???
dreaming: of a night of uninterrupted sleep.
lovingthis quote by Julia Child:
"I was thirty-seven years old and still discovering who I was." 
What are you doing today????
PS. I have no idea why blogger won't format this...weird.


  1. I'm thankful for invitations to lounge.
    I'm checking the fridge temp every other minute and still waiting.
    I'm planning my very fast run in the morning. ha ha ha ha ha
    I'm thinking about iced coffee as a post dinner treat. oh yes I am.
    I bought that greek yogurt that was on sale and can't wait to try it.
    I'm going to clean the basement.

  2. Right now I'm:
    Watching: an Oprah rerun, the one with the "Octomom" who (honestly) scares me a little.
    Eating: nothing ... but I am chewing gum :)
    Drinking: Diet Coke from MickeyD's drive-thru.
    Wearing: Navy 3/4 sleeve shirt with grey tank & jean capris.
    Avoiding: planting the hostas that should already be in the ground.
    Feeling: melancholy.
    Missing: My oldest son & his family (he's in the Navy)
    Thankful: for an impromptu family gathering yesterday evening.
    Weather: It's a lovely day, only 79 & low humidity.
    Praying: for my family.
    Needing: a good night's sleep
    Thinking: I should be practicing my piano (lesson in the morning)
    Dreaming: of the day when my hubby works closer to home & isn't out of town so much :)
    Loving: that our neighbor is hosting an outdoor movie this evening "Rango" .. the grandgirls & I will take popcorn & attend.
    That was fun ... thanks Kimberlee! :)

  3. Jesus and Julia...they give me hope...
    Liked that Jerk Whisperer quote too. Boundaries!

  4. im watching a dvd about home brewing beer. rather, kahler's watching it and im in the room. :) AND about to start one of these posts. its been a while.

  5. i love that movie.
    so much.
    another line i like is "i wasn't speaking french? i thought i was!"

    and "i'm growing in front of you!"

  6. i used to be able to speak french.
    but i lost it.
    i'm sure, with the help of a couple of glasses of wine, i could remember! and teach you too!

  7. I too have watched that movie no less than 27 times! Maybe more. I never get tired of it. One of my favorite parts, although it's hard to choose is when Julie is making bruschetta with the fresh tomatoes? I also love when her and her hubby are eating the choc cake with almonds and smearing it everywhere!

  8. Paris this Spring for our 20th Anniversary (with the kids!) was so much fun cuz I got to use my could use the sweet little french book I'm using with my kiddos who are very enthusiastic learners after their trip. And...watching the Julie movie makes me hungry! Have a great day


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